Voting at the Embassy

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On 11 September 2022, Swedish voters will have the opportunity to decide which candidates will represent them in the Riksdag over the next four years. On the same day, there are elections to municipalities and regional councils.

If you live in the Netherlands or visit the Netherlands during the election period, you can either vote by post or vote in advance at the Embassy of Sweden in the Hague. To be able to vote you must be or once have been registered in the Swedish Population register.

If you are registered in the electoral roll you will receive postal voting material before 28 July. 28 July is also the first date when you can send your postal vote to Sweden. If you have been outside Sweden fore 10 years or more, you must register in the Electoral Roll at the Swedish Tax Authority. If you have not received postal voting material you can order from the Swedish Election Authority or the Embassy.

Postal votes must have arrived in Sweden by the time votes are counted.

You can also vote early at the Embassy of Sweden in the Hague from Sunday 28 August until Tuesday 6 September 2022. You cannot vote on election day from abroad.

Find all information about the Voting procedure at the website of the Swedish Embassy in the Hague by following the link:

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