What you need to know about travel in Sweden (and abroad) over Christmas and New Year

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This Christmas will be different, wherever you are. Many of us living in Sweden will stay put. But if you do need to travel, here are the rules and recommendations to be aware of.

Can I travel within Sweden? 

Yes. There is no ban on travel between regions within Sweden – as long as you are completely free of coronavirus symptoms when travelling, although the message from authorities is to consider whether your journey is necessary.

You should also make sure you travel in a responsible way, limiting your risk of catching or spreading the virus.

“Any travel should take place in a way that minimises the risk of spreading the infection,” the Public Health Agency said in its winter advice. “Remember to limit public transport as much as possible. Avoid making new contacts during the trip and at the destination, beyond the smaller circle that you socialise with [your bubble of no more than eight people total].”

Source and read more at The Local Sweden