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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting 2017 was held on May 11, 2017 generously hosted by Inter IKEA Systems in Delft.  The Board of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce presented the Annual Review 2016 and thanked the members for their confidence and for their loyal participation at the Chamber business network and activities.  H.E. Ambassador of Sweden Mr. Per Holmstöm thanked all Board Members and especially leaving Chairman Ann-Charlotte Run, for their commitment and for carrying out the important task to promote trade relations between Sweden and the Netherlands in such an excellent way.


Ann-Charlotte Runn, Iggesund has been a Board Member for the maximum term of 8 years. Ann-Charlotte has served as Vice Chairman and been a member of the Executive Committee as well as the Nomination Committee and from 2016-2017 Chairman of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce joins the Ambassador to thank Ann-Charlotte for her excellent and important contribution to the development of the Swedish Chamber during her 2 terms as a Board Member.


Maria Karlström, Scania and Kees van Oosten Teekens Karstens were appointed new Board Members by the assembly and the Board are looking forward to the co-operation and to share their ideas for the future.


The Annual General Meeting was followed by  a company presentation by Inter IKEA Systems. Ehsan Turabaz, Manager International Sales Department Inter IKEA Systems and Vice Chairman of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce welcomed the guests to Inter IKEA and introduced his colleague Cecilia Bengtsson, Business Transformation IKEA Group. After Cecilia Jonathan North, Sustainability Manager Inter IKEA Systems talk about IKEA’s Sustainability Strategy followed by a presentation by Göran Nilsson, Concept Innovation Manager at Inter IKEA Systems.



The Swedish Chamber of Commerce would cordially thank Inter IKEA Systems for a inspiring afternoon, food for thoughts and new ideas.


Photos by: Nordholm Design

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Business Empowerment – Act now

The theme for this seminar is Business Empowerment – Act now. Our mindset is an important and powerful tool when it comes to empowering yourself and the business. The mindset can be the difference between success and failure. We need a larger understanding of what our mindset is capable of and how we can use it to act. If we can develop our mindset, we can face our fears and step out of our comfort zones.

About the program

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce exclusive Business Woman Program 2017 presents four seminars for the empowering and support of woman business leaders. The seminars are designed to increase and sharpen your leadership skills and to help yourself to a higher level of efficiency, awareness, and success. Moderator is Malin Hedlund, MH Leadership. We welcome the women from the Swedish Chamber, Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber and their relations with a focus to expand leadership intelligence and strengthen the inner power. You can follow any number of seminars you prefer. If you attend all four, the Swedish Chamber will offer you the last one for free!

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Welcome to the Mentorship Program  4
Self development. Talents and Reflections

18.30 – 19.45
Excercises and discussions around the Theme for this evening.
19.45 – 20.00
Short Break
20.00 – 20.45
Individual talks
Summing up
End of evening

This program is moderated by Wilma Buis, Mercuri Urval.

During the whole year the program coach Wilma Buis, Mercuri Urval, will be available for guidance and advice.

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The Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce is very happy to invite the members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Danish Dutch Business Club to their business luncheon with keynote speaker Mr. Henrik Ehrnrooth, CEO KONE in the presence of the Ambassador of Finland, Mrs. Katri Viinikka.

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Welcome to our Entrepreneurs Café presenting


From Linear to Circular Economy. What happens when you close the circle? Welcome to participate in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals Entrepreneurs Café on Monday March 27, 2017 to get inspired by Lisen Wirén.  Lisen is responsible for social impact globally at Inter IKEA Systems and has the past six years been driving sustainability in different parts of IKEA. She worked in Thailand with human rights for migrant workers, in the global range/supply and until recently her role was Country Sustainability Manager for IKEA Netherlands. Lisen believes is purpose driven organisations and that having sustainability integrated in the heart of the business is the only way forward.


Where does her passion and conviction around sustainability comes from?

Purpose driven business – Creating a better everyday life for the many people

Sustainability in IKEA

Circular economy in IKEA

Closing the loop

How to circular economy can be implemented in your business?


18.30 – 21.00


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Swedish Chamber of Commerce company visit to TIE Kinetix in Breukelen on March 16, 2017
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce cordially thanks TIE Kinetix for the very interesting presentations and generous reception of the members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce to their office in Breukelen.

TIE Kinetix optimizes doing business with local partners, stores and government. The solutions maximize revenue opportunities by minimizing the energy required to market, sell, fulfill and optimize online. TIE Kinetix is a public company and has offices in the United States, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Australia.

Our more than 3,500 customers and 30,000 partner integrations worldwide constantly benefit from innovative, field-tested, stateo-of-the-art technologies, backed by 30 years of experience and prestigious awards. We make technology to perform, so our customers and their partners can focus on their core business.

With FLOW Partner Automation, the world’s first Self Service Partner Automation Platform, TIE Kinetix removes all boundaries and blockers in marketing, sales and fulfillment through partner communities. It enables you and your independent channel and trading partners to seamlessly work together and lets you operate as if you are 1 company. FLOW creates a seamless end user experience and buyers journey by paving the partner-customer journey.

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Cyber Security Awareness:
“We Have All Been Hacked”

Thursday February 9, 2017
5.00 pm – 8.00 pm

Venue: CIC Rotterdam

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce thanks Base Cyber Security for inviting the members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and YP to a very interesting and dynamic cyber security presentation by YP Member Maeson Ethard at their inspirational and innovative office at CIC in Rotterdam.


We live, work and play in cyberspace as we adopt connected technology everywhere. Without knowing, we rely on “good” hackers to protect our privacy, freedom and safety every day.

Maeson Ethard welcomed us to the world of cyber security and introduces us to the good and bad of cyber security. How  it can influence global politics or protect human rights – and why companies pay 1,5 million dollars to hack your smart phone. The presentation gave an insight to  how vulnerable we really are an increasingly digital world and what we can personally do about it.

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The Swedish Chamber Mentorship Program 3: Values and dreams. How does it work in real life?

Guest Speaker: Karin Tenelius, CEO and Founder Tuff Leadership Trainingo

Strategic career planning vs purpose in life?
Without any judgement about what is the right path in working life, this seminar is about the benefits of balancing these two extremes. What is this abstract thing that we name purpose, vocation or calling? How do you find it? Don´t you risk your great career plan for some vague longing? Outcomes will be new ideas and angles on how you chose in life.


Welcome to download Strategic Questions under Program below.


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