Member benefits

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals is a meeting platform for professionals aged 21-36 at the beginning of their career.

Our goal is to help you build your social and professional network, develop career skills and meet other young professionals.

As a YP member you receive:

• Invitations to all Young Professionals business and social events.

• Access to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce many events, often with reduced prices.

• Access to the Swedish Chamber Young Professionals Mentorship Program.

• The opportunity to meet leading businessmen/women through the Chamber’s 160 Member companies.
• Rapid access to information from other Swedish organizations and the Swedish Embassy, which are sent to the Chamber.

• Access to a dynamic network of other Young Professionals.

Member testimonials

“YP is a valuable organization for young professionals who have an interest in business in a Swedish context and for those that have other links to Sweden and would like to come in contact with Swedes in the Netherlands. YP provides its members with a variety of inspiring business presentations, workshops related to business and personal development and fun social activities.” connection to Sweden!”

Heidi Liedberg, former Chairman YP Committee

”I especially appreciate the Dutch YP because it has many flavors to it, it is like a Swedish type of smorgasbord where you can pick and choose your favorites. The combination of social activities and business activities makes it dynamic and fun. No event is similar to another, some are only for fun, some for self-development and some for specific business purposes. If you are up for it you can extend your network but it is also fine to just mingle on some occasions. Being a member of YP gives me the possibility to join happenings like I else would not have been able to join or even knew I wanted to join; the invites to the well-organized events are is something I very much appreciate.”This is not a club exclusively for Swedish nationals working for a Swedish company. For example, you can be a Swede working for an international company in the Netherlands, or Dutch working for a Swedish company. What’s important is that you share the interest in Swedish or Dutch business. You are eligible to be a YP member until the age of 36.”

Vendela Eklund, former YP Committee member

“An organization that offers young people with a Swedish background or connection the opportunity to network with each other in a business and casual setting. YP offers young people the opportunity to be present at company presentations, social drinks, business discussions and informal activities. A great way to meet other young people with a connection to Sweden!”

Carl Kars, Chairman YP Committee

”By joining YP (Young professionals of the Swedish Chamber) you access the best network of young professionals with a Swedish link in the Netherlands. You can join us celebrating Swedish traditions, join us for a drink and practice your Swedish, or go all-in and take advantage of the whole Swedish Chamber by participating in fantastic business seminars and personal development trainings. And don’t be afraid, they love us: we are young, ambitious, questioning the status quo and will be the leaders of the future.”

Henrik Enkel Larsson, YP Committee member

“YP provides a perfect opportunity for young professionals in the Netherlands with an interest in Sweden to meet and exchange knowledge and get to know interesting people. YP provides a great mix of valuable workshops and seminars for personal and professional growth, and social events to grow your network.”

Amanda Hallberg, former YP Committee member