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10 Questions

Name: Carl Kars
Age: 23
Profession: Just finished my study Bachelor Business Administration. Starting the Master Urban, Port and Transport Economics in September.
Where are you from: Born in Utrecht and raised in Laren, the Netherlands
What is your link to Sweden: My mother is Swedish. I therefore have regularly visited Sweden. In addition to this I have been living in Strömstad for three years, following the secondary school.
Why YP: A fantastic opportunity to attend to business presentations and to gain a wide network. YP is a great way to meet other people with links to Sweden.
Favorite movie/ book: Not one in particular, but I love to watch thrillers.
What is your favorite hobby: My favorite hobby is definitely to exercise all kinds of sports. Was member of the Swedish national rowing team when I followed “Roddgymnasiet” in Strömstad. I also like biking and running. Looking forward to the Dam tot Damloop in September with the Swedish Chamber!
Favorite hangout in Amsterdam: Hard question to answer. Actually, I live in Rotterdam and have to confess that I like this city more than Amsterdam. I therefore choose a location in Rotterdam: Spirit. Nice place to take a lunch!
Who do you want to be next in Ten Questions: A new member, Lise-Lotte Marta Cajbäck for instance.

New member Samskip van Dieren Multimodal B.V.

Samskip Van Dieren Multimodal is a modern international Logistic transport supplier , specialized in intermodal rail – road transportation. Experienced staff from offices in Genemuiden (the Netherlands) and Riga (Latvia) accompany the cargo from door to door until delivered as agreed, while the customer has a single point of contact for the entire transport chain. With 4 daily shuttle trains between Germany and Zweden, combined with own trucking equipment, a unique environmental friendly logistic and sustainable door to door transport solution is offered. Van Dieren Maritime was founded in Genemuiden, The Netherlands in 1959 as a transport company specialized in carpet transports. In 2011 the names changed into Samskip Van Dieren Multimodal and nowadays they are one of the leading companies in intermodal rail – road transport to and from Scandinavia.