Ingrid Tappin Inspirational Speaker at “Tech Talent & Diversity in Tech” Event May 23
    We are thrilled to welcome Ingrid Tappin, CEO and Founder of Diversity Leaders in Tech, as the inspirational speaker for the upcoming event “Tech Talent & Diversity in Tech.” This insightful event, hosted by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and KPMG Meijburg & CO, will take place on May 23, 2024.   This event aims to move beyond discussing the necessity of diversity strategies and instead will focus on practical implementation. Ingrid Tappin, a leading figure in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), will provide actionable insights on how to effectively integrate DEI into the tech industry.   Ingrid Tappin is dedicated to setting the standard for DEI excellence in European tech. She leads the first community-driven DEI platform in the Netherlands through Diversity Leaders in Tech. Her organization employs a data-led approach, peer-to-peer learning solutions, and a robust DEI partner network to help companies attract, retain, and harness the innovation power of diverse teams, all supported by scalable tech solutions.   Ingrid Tappin’s commitment to social impact is evident in her efforts to foster inclusive workplaces that not only recognize but also leverage the benefits of diversity. Her work ensures that DEI initiatives are not just theoretical but practical and impactful, driving real change within organizations.   Join us on May 23 to gain valuable insights from Ingrid Tappin and learn how to transform your organization’s approach to diversity and inclusion. This event promises to be a pivotal moment for those looking to make a meaningful impact in the tech industry. To get out the most of the Session do the DEI Scan here and Ingrid will refer to the results in her interactive presentation.   For more information about the program and the expert speakers on May 23 click here:  
Office closed Pentecost Monday May 20
The Swedish Chamber office will be closed on May 20th due to Pentecost Monday. See you again on Tuesday, May 21! Contact us at for any questions.
Meet Marco Frikkee, speaker for Tech Talent & Diversity in Tech May 23
We are proud to present Marco Frikkee, Partner Sustainability Reporting at KPMG Nederland, as a speaker for the insightful event “Tech Talent & Diversity in Tech”, presented by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and KPMG Meijburg & Co on May 23, 2024! This event moves beyond WHY diversity strategy is needed and instead focuses on HOW. Four years ago, Marco Frikkee transitioned from the external audit practice at KPMG to strengthen KPMG’s sustainability advisory and assurance services. With extensive experience as a signing audit partner, he advises clients on new EU sustainable finance regulations and provides sustainability reporting assurance for financial sector clients. Marco holds a master's degree in Business Economics and Accountancy from the University of Amsterdam, supporting the financial sector in reducing carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. to participate in this important event!
Thank you for an inspiring Mentorship event with Kristina Zumpolle and Jasmijn de Smit
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce would like to thank everyone who participated in the interactive presentation on "Mindfulness and Work-Life Balance" as part of the Swedish Chamber and Young Professionals Mentorship Program 2024! Our heartfelt thanks go to our esteemed keynote speakers, Kristina Zumpolle, founder and leadership coach at Zumflow, and Jasmijn de Smit, leadership coach at Zumflow. Their insightful thoughts on mindfulness and the work-life blend were invaluable. During the session, we were provided with tools to reflect on our energy levels, beliefs, and goals to navigate the complexities of modern professional life. We are also very happy that Kristina and Jasmijn involve the participants in a joyful dance moment! A warm thank you to all participants for your active engagement and thoughtful contributions to the discussion, and to AIMS International Netherlands for their valued collaboration as sponsors. The Swedish Chamber is proud to facilitate these crucial discussions on mindfulness and work-life balance. Find more photos from the event .    
Upcoming events
Welcome to the dynamic and packed calendar this spring at the Swedish Chamber! Please find all the event information and registrations in our . See you there!
  • Join us for , presented by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and hosted by KPMG Meijburg & Co, on May 23.
  • Welcome to the after work event on May 28, with the vibrant and diverse Young Professionals community for an evening of fun and networking.
  • The Swedish Chamber is very pleased to invite you to its Meeting 2024, hosted by the H.E. Ambassador of Sweden Mr Johannes Oljelund at his residence in the Hauge on May 30. The keynote speaker is Pär Stenmark, Chief Sustainability Officer at Inter IKEA Group.
  • Team Sweden invites you on June 4 to unveil the , with keynote speaker Per-Arne Hjelmborn, Director-General for Trade, Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
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The Swedish Chamber office will be closed on May 9 and May 10. Contact us at for any questions. See you again on Monday, May 13!
Are you our new intern?
Are you our next intern? Join our team in Amsterdam as an Intern at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and elevate your international career! The Swedish Chamber is proud to present one Internship for an ambitious student looking to join the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands. The position creates opportunities for creative young talent to deepen their knowledge of international trade, business relations and Marketing and Communication by interning for 20 weeks at our dynamic office in Amsterdam. The application deadline is May 26, 2024, and recruitment is ongoing. to learn more about the criteria, previous interns’ experiences, and the application processes. [video width="960" height="960" mp4=""][/video]
Meet Anne Smits, speaker for Tech Talent & Diversity in Tech May 23
We are proud to present Anne Smits, Reward Specialist at Montae & Partners, as a speaker for the insightful event “”, presented by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and KPMG Meijburg & Co on May 23, 2024! This event moves beyond WHY diversity strategy is needed and instead focuses on HOW. Anne is the Reward Specialist at Montae & Partners. She is driven to support her client in all Reward-related questions. She is an enthusiastic, young professional. Her work focuses on calculating the value of the employment conditions package, analyzing various schemes and providing insight into employee and company data. Anne loves to get things done so that the right information and solutions reach the client. Anne is also a member of the works council at Montae & Partners. Together with her colleague Victor Steenbakker, Anne will give a presentation on the gender pay gap. to sign up for this important event!