Someone to talk to

The new situations that are at hand and the uncertainty we all live under for the moment is stressful for many people. Sometimes it can help to talk to someone who is listening.

Welcome to contact Swedish Chamber of Commerce Member Maria Scharffenberg. Maria, senior pastor of the Swedish Church in the Netherlands  welcomes you to give her a call if you would like to talk, about concerns of your own, your business or family related.   Maria has over 20 years of experience as a priest and is trained in both crisis management and communication strategies. As a priest, she is bound by the professional secrecy. You can contact Maria by mail, phone or WhatsApp. The languages are Swedish or English. Mail: Phone/WhatsApp: +31 6 23 33 36 33  
Online hackathon Hack the Crisis Sweden 3-6 of April

In this critical moment, our task is to work together to solve one of the biggest crises of our lifetime. Hack the Crisis is an online hackathon organized by DIGG, Hack for Sweden, Openhack and The Swedish Government.

What? In response to COVID-19, we will address multiple challenges all based on the Corona crisis. The three main tracks the hackathon will focus on are: Save lives Save communities Save businesses The mission is to design, test and execute ideas for the future of Sweden and the world. We want to gather creative ideas and develop concepts in an attempt to create solutions helping us make further progress in the ongoing resistance. This hackathon is a context for all parts of society to contribute – public sector, private sector, academia, non-profit organizations and citizens, who want to join in the fight.   When & Where? Starting April 3, running through April 6, this online hackathon is open for anyone to join.   Register at
Special Member offer from Quinyx
With the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacting work and life all over the world, Swedish Chamber Member Quinyx, a workforce management solution, has decided to offer employers free access to their communications modules and mobile app.
Their communications module allows employers to securely and seamlessly message their workforce and it is designed to support quick and easy communication between employers and front-line deskless staff, who often do not have a formal, instant communications channel in place.
Quinyx will provide the communications module and app free of charge for six months, to help employers manage the health and safety of their remote workers and the wider public. The solution can be used to help employers keep all employees updated on the status of the organisation, staff needs, changes to opening hours and new policies or procedures as a result of the pandemic.
If you think this could help you and your business, please read more here:
or get in contact with Quinyx directly at .
CPB: Corona crisis scenarios: recession unavoidable, increase in government debt bearable

Press release

CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis uses four scenarios to outline the possible economic impact of the coronavirus in 2020 and 2021. The scenarios use different starting points with respect to the duration of the physical contact restrictions and the severity of the economic impact. All scenarios result in recession, with GDP declining by between 1.2% and 7.7% in 2020. In our mildest scenario, the economy will rebound as early as in the third quarter of 2020, whereas in our gravest scenario, problems will expand to also include the financial sector and the situation abroad will continue to worsen. This last scenario also projects GDP to decrease by 2.7% in 2021. Under three of the four scenarios, the economic downturn will be more severe than in the 2008–2009 crisis. Read the full Press Release by CPB Netherlands Bureau