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October 17, Discover the Power of Brand Sweden
The Swedish Chamber and our host Swedish Chamber Patron Member VOLVO are excited to welcome you to Discover The Power Of The Brand Sweden on October 17, 2024. Event Highlights
  • Inspiring Case Studies: Learn from iconic Swedish brands, such as Volvo, as they share their journeys, challenges, and successes in leveraging ‘Swedishness’ to thrive in the Dutch market.
  • Expert Insights: Gain valuable knowledge from industry leaders and branding experts from iconic Swedish brands.
  • Engaging Discussions: Attend captivating presentations and panel discussions that reveal actionable strategies for using Sweden’s national solid brand in your marketing efforts.
Discover how leveraging your company’s Swedish heritage can become a powerful marketing tool that drives success while networking with fellow members and engaging in the Swedish Chamber Community. Enhance your marketing and communication professional skills, learning new techniques to communicate and market your brand's unique Swedish identity effectively. Experience the benefits of Swedish Chamber membership firsthand and understand how Brand Sweden can elevate your marketing strategies. Connect with experienced professionals, gain inspiration, and build your network within the vibrant Swedish Chamber community. Are you ready to unlock the secrets of Swedish branding and elevate your marketing strategies? Join us for an exclusive event for members, marketing professionals, and young professionals working with Swedish companies in the Netherlands. For more information and to register, click .
Sweden Introduces Innovative Parental Leave Reforms
On July 1, Sweden implemented pioneering reforms allowing grandparents to receive paid parental leave to care for their grandchildren for up to three months within the child's first year. Approved by the Riksdag in December, these changes reflect Sweden's ongoing commitment to family welfare. Under the new law, parents can transfer a portion of their parental leave entitlement: a maximum of 45 days for couples and 90 days for single parents. This initiative aims to enhance flexibility and support for families, enabling parents to balance work and caregiving responsibilities more effectively. Minister for Elderly and Social Security, Anna Tenje, emphasized that these reforms empower parents to tailor their childcare arrangements to their needs, reinforcing family relationships and promoting a healthier work-life balance. This progressive legislation underscores Sweden's commitment to advancing family welfare and fostering supportive environments for parents, reflecting ongoing efforts to enhance flexibility and support for families.   For more information (in Swedish) visit: Credits: Mona Loose/
The Swedish Chamber Tech Committee and our host Swedish Chamber Patron Member PartInc are excited to welcome you to the Swedish Chamber Tech Finance and Investment Summit on September 12, 2024. This annual event is part of the Chamber’s Tech Table series and brings together top experts, visionary investors, and key decision-makers from the tech finance sectors of Sweden and the Netherlands. Join us as we explore the intersection of technology, finance, and investment in these vibrant markets!   For more information and to register, click .
The board of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Sweden has the pleasure to invite members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands to their Annual Dinner 2024 on September 20th to wine and dine with other members and network of the Dutch Chamber.   For more information and to register, click !