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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands is a dynamic Swedish-Dutch business platform, extending commercial relations between Sweden and the Netherlands and creating first-class business services. We are a nonprofit organization with more than 60 years of experience, helping entrepreneurs and corporations of all sizes to establish, grow and develop their business.


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very proud to present our new Patron Banner 2022. THE SUPPORT OF THE PATRONS OF the Swedish Chamber are significant for the Chamber activities. Founded in 2004 Patron Members consists of companies from all sectors who are all committed to the long-term support of the Swedish Dutch business community and the vision of the Chamber. Today the patronship consists of 33 member businesses representing a wide range of industries from the financial sector, mobility, to retail and tech. In 2021 Husqvarna and Saab joined the Patronship of the Swedish Chamber and we are very proud to welcome them. Patrons of the Chamber receive additional visibility through our various marketing channels, such as the website, Annual Review, the Swedish Chamber Patron Banner and social media platforms. Furthermore, Patrons receive invites to Executive Roundtables and exclusive events such as the Exclusive Annual Patron Dinner. The patrons reflect the strength of the Chamber’s business platform and represent some of the largest brands in the Swedish – Dutch business community. Would you like to order your own Patron Banner for your office? Welcome to contact the Swedish Chamber at for more information.  
Sweden the Innovative Country
Sweden has long fostered innovation and entrepreneurship. The vital Swedish startup scene has garnered much international attention, but the country has a long history of innovation. There are several factors that might explain why, for example Sweden's global outlook – export is an important driving force for Sweden, seeing that the domestic market is relatively small. Other factors are social stability and the access to government support, as well as a high degree of equality. Sweden’s long-term focus on education and research has also had a major impact on the capacity for innovation. In 1842 the country introduced compulsory schooling for 7- to 13-year-olds (today for 6- to 15-year-olds). This was a game-changing move, as it raised the overall level of education among the people and became a vital component in Sweden’s journey from poor agricultural nation to prosperous innovation leader. Today about one-third of the population has post-secondary education. When it comes to research and development (R&D), Sweden proves its commitment by investing, as a rule, more than 3 per cent of the country’s growth domestic product (GDP) in R&D. Green technology and life sciences are two fields in which Swedish researchers and companies excel. The government has created an office of life sciences dedicated to developing a national strategy for the life sciences to further promote the field. Considering that Swedes represent just 0.13 per cent of the global population, the Nordic nation has a disproportionate amount of influence on global innovation. Sweden tops the European Innovation Scoreboard, an index published by the European Commission. The index assesses the strengths and weaknesses of national innovation systems and helps countries identify areas they should address. Sweden also usually achieves high rankings in innovation surveys such as the Global Innovation Index and the Legatum Prosperity Index.   According to Global Innovation Index 2021 (GII 2021 Report), Sweden is in second place out of 132 economics and has remained in the top three regarding innovation ranking for over a decade.   Global Innovation Index (GII) measures global trends of innovation ecosystem performance of economies each year and enlightens innovation strengths and weaknesses. GII can be utilized to monitor innovation performance and benchmark developments in the diverse region and income groups.  The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands is taking a summer break to prepare for an inspiring autumn program. Welcome back on September 8 when we are starting the autumn season with our Tech Table Series – Women in Tech. For more information about the fall program including topics close to our focus pillars Innovation/Tech, Sustainability and Gender Balance, we welcome you to visit our website:   Welcome to watch the video 5 reasons why Swedes are world-leading innovators that might explain why Swedes are among the top of world-leading innovators.   [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]
Welcome and Goodbye International Management Trainees
At the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting last week on June 21, 2022, we welcomed two new aspiring scholars who will join the Swedish Chamber for the coming year offering them a unique opportunity to gain experience and new connections as well as contribute to the development of the Chamber through new ideas and insights. This years’s recipients are: Sanjidul Huda, Gull & Stellan Ljungbergs Foundation Ellen Olofsson, Elof Hansson Foundation Scholarship Rebecca van Dorrestein, Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad (starting later this summer) At the same time, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce took the opportunity to thank International Management Trainee Johanna Lindén, Gull & Stellan Ljungbergs Foundation and Stefan de Goede, Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad. The Chamber would like to thank them both for their invaluable contribution to the organization of the Swedish Chamber 60 years Anniversary. Johanna has in addition been responsible for the Chamber’s Communication and Social Media plan, Brand Book and the Swedish Chamber Annual Report and assisted with the set up for the new Swe-Cham strategy 2.0 Future Proof. Stefan has been achieving great successes with Young Professionals, worked with new members acquisition and member contacts and has been project leader for the annual Business Climate Survey 2022. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very grateful to the Scholarship Foundations for making it possible for the Chamber to welcome the most inspiring and committed scholars for a year to our organization. A big thank you to Johanna and Stefan and a warm welcome to Ellen, Sanjidul och Rebecca. Learn more about the scholarships and the new scholars .     On the photo: Johanna Lindén, Gull & Stellan Ljungbergs Foundation Scholar 2021-2022, Sanjidul Huda, Gull & Stellan Ljungbergs Foundation Scholar 2022-2023, Ellen Olofsson, Elof Hansson Foundation Scholar 2022-2023, Stefan de Goede, Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad Scholar 2021-2022. Missing on the photo: Rebecca van Dorrestein, Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad 2022-2023.   
We are pleased to share with you the final report from this year´s Business Climate Survey (BCS). The BCS was presented at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting at the Residence of the Swedish Ambassador on June 7, 2022. At the presentation Stefan de Goede, Swedish Chamber of Commerce, revealed the most interesting results. The Business Climate Survey provides insights into the economic outlook in the Netherlands as well as specific factors that allow Swedish companies to succeed in the Netherlands. For the second year in a row, Team Sweden carried out a survey to understand how Swedish companies, actively operating in the Netherlands, perceive the market conditions and the economic prospects of their business. More than just a broad overview, the survey aims to show differences between industries, company size, and company age. The survey was sent out to 86 respondents between March and April. This year we managed to get 36 responses from Swedish company representatives, which makes it a 42 percent answer rate. The Survey shows that Swedish companies continues to have a positive view on the Dutch business climate. Last year, 76% of the respondents perceived the business climate in the Netherlands as very good or good, which ranked The Netherlands in first place Globally in 2021. This year 84% of the responding companies perceive the business climate as very good or good. The most positive companies are the Newcomers and Experienced companies, who all answered that they perceived the Dutch business climate as very good or good. In fact, this year none of the respondents perceived the business climate as very poor or poor. to read the full report with comparisons to the year before and interesting conclusions. We would like to thank all companies who filled in the Survey and wish you very interesting reading.