The Swedish Chamber of Commerce 60th Anniversary Innovation & Sustainable Summit and Gala Ball postponed until 2021
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce 60th Anniversary Innovation & Sustainable Summit and Gala Ball  The Swedish Chamber of Commerce regrets to inform that the Swedish Chamber of Commerce 60th Anniversary Innovation & Sustainable Summit and Gala Ball that was planned to take place on November 19, 2020 at Hotels van Oranje has, due to the uncertainties around the current Covid situation, has been postponed until 2021 by decision by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and informed at the Annual General Meeting on June 30, 2020. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce looking forward to make further plans for the organization of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce 60th Anniversary Summit and Gala Ball 2021 and to inform about the new date as soon as possible.
Swedish Chamber of Commerce is happy to welcome the new Management trainee Benjamin Selvani

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is really pleased to welcome Benjamin Selvani as International Trade Scholarship recipient offered by the Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad

Benjamin Selvani recently obtained his Master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting and Management, at Linköpings University. During his studies Benjamin successfully started his own company with the ambition to help smaller research companies with their accounting as well as being very active with other extra-curricular activities, such as Responsible for Corporate Relations at the university’s career fair, giving him relevant experience for the position as the Management Trainee at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce or the upcoming year. Benjamin will be working as a Management trainee as well as leading the Young Professionals organization. Benjamin is very much looking forward to developing his management skills, creating new types of events, and gain a better understanding of the Dutch-Swedish trade relation.
Infeldt Translation Services – for your business translations into Swedish

We are very pleased to publish an update from Madeleine Schouw Infeldt from Swe-Cham Member Company Infeldt Translation Services.

Are you a Dutch business wanting to enter the Swedish market? Then you first need to do market research. As a next step you want to localise your website, brochures, and other marketing material you may have. Perhaps you want to have your annual report translated, so that potential clients and partners can get to know your company. Once it starts rolling, you may have contracts and newsletters that need translation by Infeldt Translation Services.

  For the past few years, I have been translating and localising these kinds of texts for business end clients in various sectors, including banking and fund management. My source languages are English, Dutch, German and French. My academic background is an MSc in Business Administration and Economics – International Business Program, to which I later added translation studies. Before I decided to freelance as a translator and reviser, I worked for more than 20 years in various departments of the European Commission. I have working experience in fields as varied as competition policy, climate action, financial markets, and communication. I am committed and used to tight deadlines. Please contact me at for your next business translations into Swedish. Looking forward to working together! Madeleine Schouw Infeldt
Meet Richard Andemark from Swe-Cham Member salt

“We have seen how the lack of developers is hampering the growth of companies that want to expand. </salt> is our way of doing something about the problem," says Richard Andemark, CEO and Co-founder  of </salt>, School of Applied Technology.

On February 13, 2020 </salt>, School of Applied Technology Amsterdam was launched at Epicenter Amsterdam with a mission to create 24 future IT developers. During the inspiring launch event we met Richard Andemark, CEO and Co-founder, and Marcus Hammarberg, Head of Quality and Curriculum, to learn about the methods </salt> use to succeed in training developers in only 3 months, and about diversity in tech and how </salt> can strengthen the domestic workforce.

  “We who founded </salt> are ourselves a part of the tech industry” says Richard Andemark, CEO and Co-founder. “We have seen how the lack of developers is hampering the growth of companies that want to expand. </salt> is our way of doing something about the problem.” According to </salt> Europe needs 500 000 new technology professionals by 2020 and the number is growing. JavaScript is the most sought-after coding language over the next 3-5 years. At Salt they teach the learners how to code and how to work in a real-life, agile dev team providing an accelerated training and career program, also building real products and prototypes for real tech companies during the training. </salt> is striving for a richer diversity in the European tech industry and believes that professional organizations should mirror the population's diversity. With the accelerated career program it is their ambition to increase the number of women and new Europeans in tech. What can </salt> do for companies? “We help companies with training and provisioning of software developers by developing a predictable and stable recruitment pipeline of software developers to a company. In that way you enable your team to grow with new hires that have the technical and interpersonal skills they need to succeed. We help decrease new hires' time to productivity by providing practical, job-specific training, simulating real world agile dev teams for 3 months prior to joining your company. We make it possible for companies to bring in diverse and technical talent directly from </salt>. We find, test and recruit the most driven and tech savvy talents to our Career Program where we train future talents with our industry leading instructors. We will train your new employees, so they are ready to become productive in your dev teams. Another possibility we offer is upskill & re-skill. With this training we transform your team members through rigorous, intensive and customized training programs in order to keep up with new technologies and business challenges.” The first </salt> class will graduate May 1, 2020 and the next will be ready to start two weeks later. Stay tuned with </salt> and contact Robert Brighton, General manager </salt> Amsterdam, for more information. By Linn Hodell for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2019   Welcome to read more interesting Member interviews in Swedish Chamber Annual Review 2019