Warm welcome to new YP Members

The Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber is very pleased to welcome new Young Professional Member

Oliver Sjölund

Alexander Ljungström

We are Looking forward to welcoming you to our network and to seeing you at our upcoming events!

Swedish Chamber’s Christmas Dinner 2019
Last Friday the Swedish Chamber of Commerce celebrated the Swedish Chamber's Christmas Dinner in Amsterdam with fantastic Swedish Julbord, entertainment and a fantastic Swedish Christmas Raffle for the benefit of WarChild. A big thank you to all our sponsors and attendees.
Congratulations budbee to the Swedish Chamber Entrepreneurship Award 2019

Press Release

Swedish Chamber Business Award nomination and jury report - budbee December 2019 The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors have the pleasure to after careful consideration to Award Budbee with the Swedish Chamber Entrepreneurs Award 2019. Background to nomination and summary Jury report budbee, a Swedish logistics technology company, has arrived in 2019 in the Netherlands as their first market outside of the Nordics, since their launch in 2015 Sweden budbee has delivered on ambitious growth and attract strong investments backing. The arrival in the Netherlands of budbee shows the strong positioning as expansion market for Swedish companies, and especially in the field of e-commerce and logistics, by setting up their office, team and launching with NL customers shows that budbee is capable of making a strong and successful market entry. budbee shows an innovative approach to last mile logistics, by making sure the consumer has most of flexibility and control over their delivery, and by making sure this can be done in the most sustainable way, to minimize distances travelled and focus on CO2 reduction. By doing so budbee is a true example of the focus areas on environment and innovation as supported by the Chamber and Embassy. Calling themselves a logtech company, the next generation companies to follow the big Fintech movement, makes them a great winner of 2019 Swedish Chamber Entrepreneurs Award. Amsterdam, 12/2019   Photo: Hanne Hansen Photography
Congratulations Vattenfall to the Swedish Chamber Achievement Award 2019
Press Release Swedish Chamber Achievement  Award nomination and jury report – Vattenfall  December 2019 The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors have the pleasure to after careful consideration to Award Vattenfall with the Swedish Chamber Achievement Award 2019. For more than 100 years Vattenfall has powered industries, supplied energy to people's homes and modernized the way our customers live through innovation and cooperation. Today their aim is to make fossil free living possible within one generation and therefore driving the transition to a more sustainable energy system through growth in renewable production and climate smart energy solutions for their customers.  Fossil fuels will be phased out within one generation, and we are continuing on our path towards a complete phase-out of coal in our heat production by 2030. Customer centricity and sustainability are key for us in attracting customers, talent and investors. Customers are increasingly considering climate impact, social and environmental performance, and energy efficiency when choosing energy solutions and suppliers. Innovative energy sharing platforms will enable customers to sell and purchase renewable electricity. With reference to branding Sweden; Vattenfall has done an excellent job during the last year not only changing their name international to the Swedish Vattenfall (waterfall but also by their new logo embracing the Swedish values. The colours are about showing confidence, transparency and leadership. Inspired by our heritage and the Nordic nature they are used scarcely, leading with white as the leading colour to provide air and space as well as allowing the eye to focus on what is important.  Through the Swedish oriented TV commercials in 2019 they have contributed to promoting Sweden and Swedish values such as sustainability, responsibility, care, leadership and innovation. Amsterdam 12/2019   Photos by Hanne Hansens Photography