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Date: 27 October
Time: 11h00-12h15 (CET)


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to invite you to a webinar in partnership with Swedish Chambers of Commerce in Europe with Daniela Ling-Vannerus Cassmer, General Manager SwedCham China and Lars-Åke Severin, Chairman, SwedCham China & CEO and Founder PSU China.


China, the country where the pandemic started becomes once again the driving force in the world economy. How did Swedish companies in China manage during Covid-19 outbreak, how are they doing now and what daily challenges do they face? Don’t miss this opportunity to get some new insights directly from the field by listening to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China and their learnings from the year 2020.



Daniela Ling-Vannerus Cassmer,  General Manager SwedCham China

Lars-Åke Severin, Chairman, SwedCham China & CEO and Founder PSU China


Organized by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in France and the Swedish Club in Paris.
In partnership with other Swedish Chambers in Europe.




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Are you a young professional looking to accelerate your career en grow your professional network



Are you an international business leader within the Chamber’s network looking for an opportunity to connect and support the next generation’s business leaders?

Apply to the Swe-Cham Mentorship Program 2020-2021!

Launch October 29, 2020 – June 10, 2020
Mentor guidelines meeting October 22, 2020 Time: 17.00 – 18.00


What makes the difference between a career that thrives and one that stalls? For many in the business world, it’s a mentor. In addition to helping you define your professional development path, a mentor an help you deal with the everyday concerns in the daily job life. While one should never blindly follow in the footsteps of others, the lessons learned from others’ experiences and missteps, can prove invaluable.

With this program the Swedish Chamber of Commerce is supporting the next generation’s leaders by connecting Mentees from the Young Professionals with mentors from the Chamber’s extensive network of international leaders.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals Mentorship Program is a 8-month program consisting of 5 mandatory Seminars and workshops covering topics as Cross-border business culture, How to create international teams, Leadership strategies & Personal growth and recruitment processes in corona times, by business experts from various fields. It strives to provide participants with the opportunity to grow in their careers and to enrich their personal developments by exchanging experiences, views, and knowledge. By utilizing the Chamber’s extensive network of international business leaders, the program offers Young Professionals a unique Mentor experience.


Time Schedule and Program Details 2020/2021

October 22, 2020
17.00 – 18.00
Mentor meeting sharing Mentor guidelines and frameworks (Mentors only)


October 29, 2020
18.30 – 21.00
Venue: Swedish Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam
Introduction and speed dating
Hendrik Jan Guitink

During the first meeting, the Kick-off, you will meet your Mentor/Mentee and you will get introduced to the Mentorship program and what to expect. The program and guidelines will be presented, and material will be supplied, including a Mentorship agreement. At the kick-off, we will also have our Kick-off Speed Dating session to get to know each other better and to make it possible to build your business network from day 1.


December 3, 2020
18.30 – 21.00
Venue Swedish Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam
International and cross border Business Culture and Networking Skills
Hendrik Jan Guitink

Guest Speaker:  Tba

February 3, 2021
18.30 – 21.00
Venue Swedish Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam
Creating (international) teams and defining your role
Henrik Jan Guitink
Guest Speaker: Tba


April 22, 2021
18.30 – 21.00
Venue Swedish Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam
Personal development and growth
Hendrik Jan Guitink
Guest Speaker: Tba


June 10, 2021
18.30 – 21.00
Venue Swedish Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam
Recruitment strategies
Hendrik Jan Guitink
Guest Speaker: Tba

At this final meeting we will also  evaluate on personal lessons learned and you  will receive a certificate for accomplishing the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Mentorship Program 2020-2021.


Register before October 15, 2020  by filling in the Application form under PROGRAM

below and send to events@swedishchamber.nl


The Program
The highly successful program includes one-to-one sessions, 5 mandatory seminars and workshops,  further described below,  scheduled throughout 2020 – 2021 will help you to reach your goal for personal growth and development and to increase your professional leadership skills as well as to share experiences and insights with others and building on your business network. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals Mentorship Program was launched in October 2012. Since then more than 700 Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber have followed the program and benefited for their future personal and professional growth and the many Mentors have benefited to meet the new generation leaders of the future and to learn more about their insights and values.


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals Mentorship Program is open to all Young Professionals members of the Swedish Chamber and members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and encourages both mentors and mentees to register. It is designed for Young Professionals between 25 and 36 years old with high ambitions to develop and grow. The ideal Mentee has a few years of work experience and knowledge of managing and executing projects.

For Mentors a special Mentor meeting will be planned (zoom) prior to the launch to share Mentor guidelines and best practice.


The Mentor/Mentee couples will be selected carefully according to the application forms by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in close co-operations with the Program facilitator. After mentors are paired up with mentees both Mentors and Mentees are participating at the five pre-scheduled Workshops and Seminars throughout the year both as individuals and as couple. At these Seminars and Workshops time has also been included for one-to-one meetings between the Mentor and the Mentee. In between the mandatory meetings one-on-one meetings are encouraged to take place once every six weeks, in person or digitally, offering opportunities for in-depth discussions.The personal success of the Mentorship Program is most of all depending on your commitment to yourself and to invest time in You!


For 8 months you will benefit of having a Mentor or being the Mentor to a Mentee and building a Mentorship relation. You will learn more about yourself and learning from others. You will share insights and ideas with experts on Cross boarder business culture, Leadership strategies, Creating international teams and Recruitment processes (in corona times) and build on your (business) network within the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. You will get to know and share ideas with other members both from the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and YP Young Professionals.


For further information regarding the Mentorship Program please contact the Swedish Chamber of Commerce by sending an email to info@swedishchamber.nl



Hendrik Jan Guitink

About Hendrik Jan Guitink, Managing Partner of AIMS International Netherlands B.V. , member of AIMS International, a global leader in Executive Search and Leadership Consulting

“My name is Hendrik Jan Guitink, I am the Managing Partner of AIMS International Netherlands B.V., member of AIMS International, a global leader in Executive Search and Leadership Consulting with offices in over 50 countries. We Find&Grow Your Leaders. Within our Talent Management Practice, coaching and mentoring are two aspects that we specialize in as part of Leadership Development Programs or for individual cases. Having been a Mentor within this program for the past 2 years and being a professional business coach and trainer, I am very excited to take on the challenge. As Mentor, I have had the privilege to partner with 2 very bright and ambitious young professionals. I think I can say that both the mentees and I learned a lot from each other.

I am married to a Swedish beauty and also have a very strong business relationship with our AIMS partner in Sweden, delivering our services to our mutual clients.  Hence the membership of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

The ambition for the Mentorship Program is to give young professionals the opportunity to connect with a senior business executive outside of his or her direct environment. Giving the participants access to guidance in issues concerning their future career.

As a group we will work on specific topics such as culture and building trusted relationships and we will invite subject matter experts to come and talk to us. The Mentees and Mentors will also spend time together on subjects of their own choice.”


Hendrik Jan Guitink


The Mentorship Program is made possible by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with AIMS International Netherlands B.V. , member of AIMS International.









The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Mentorship Program is sponsored by:


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Date: November 4, 2020

Time: 11:00 – 12:30

On Tuesday, 3rd of November the United States Presidential election will take place and on Wednesday 4th of November from 11:00 – 12:30 CET (Dutch time) the European Chambers of Commerce will organise a webinar where we will discuss the outcome of the election. A tight race is expected, so we are excited to learn who will be the next US president.


During this webinar, keynote speaker Marja Verloop, Deputy Chief of Mission l U.S. Embassy the Netherlands will give a speech about the results of the election. After that, industry experts will discuss the outcome of the election and give their views on what are the consequences, not only political but also for the trade/business relations between the US and Europe.


11:00 – 11:05 Opening remarks by Anton Valk, Chairman | NBCC
11:05 – 11:15 Speech by Marja Verloop, Deputy Chief of Mission l U.S. Embassy the Netherlands
11:15 – 11:35 Geopolitical outlook by Willem Post, Senior visiting fellow on U.S. politics l Clingendael and Rem Korteweg, Senior Research Fellow | Clingendael
11:35 – 11:45 Economic outlook by Bert Colijn, Senior Economist l ING
11:45 – 11:55 Tax and Trade outlook by Greg Lohmeyer, US Tax desk in the UK | EY
11:55 – 12:25 Panel discussion
12:25 – 12:30 Closing remarks by Anton Valk, Chairman | NBCC


The webinar will be moderated by Erwin Siedersand Simone Admiraal, both are Partners in the International Tax & Transaction Services team at EY Amsterdam


Members of one of the European Chambers of Commerce, please select “Member company” during registration when selecting your status.


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Welcome to a fun and interesting workshop where you have the chance to both develop as a person and network with other Young Professionals.

More information about the topic of the workshop and the guest will be announced shortly.

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Time: 10.00-11.00 CET



The Swedish Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to a webinar
Mixed Presence Office, the office of the future
– a knowledge sharing session around Organizational Culture, Environmental Psychology and Technology in collaboration with our member SoundTribe
as part of our webinar series “for members by members”



Almost 50% of employees opt for permanent home working days and fixed office days in the future were employees come to the office for knowledge sharing, cooperation and meetings and other tasks are carried out from home. How do you as an organization stand prepared to support this new normal? Are you equipped with the right environment and technology to make your colleagues thrive and perform? The Mixed Presence Office concept gives you a fresh insight on how to tackle this from a People, Environment and Technology perspective. We believe this will be the game changer for performance and innovation keeping the social connections within the organizations alive.



– Introduction

– Mixed Presence Office- Workplace approach intro

– Audiovisual technology fit for purpose

– Productivity Senses and Environmental Psychology

– Interdisciplinary strategy and implementation

– Wrap up and Q&A


This webinar is intended to address Managers in general and HR, IT & FM in specific.


The event is featured by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands in  partnership with The Swedish Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Schwedische Handelskammer in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK, The Danish Dutch Chamber of Commerce, The Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Norwegian Dutch Chamber of Commerce.






We make sound work by creating and implementing user-based sound environments. Sound affects us constantly. Where we work, live, learn or heal. It affects our health, wellbeing, mood and our emotions. SoundTribe are passionate about designing user-based sound environments that works for you. We will help you connect the dots from Concept to Design to Solutions

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When: November 11, 2020

Time: 19.00 – 21.00

More information will be announced.





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Swedish Chamber invites exclusively the Young Professionals to join the YP Business Insight.

When: November 17, 2020

Time: 17.30 -18.30


The business insights will be presented by a business leader from exiting companies.

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Business Women Program 2020 – Session 4: More information tba.

About the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Women Business Leadership Program 2020

As an ambitious hardworking goal-oriented businesswoman we invite you to participate in Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s Business Women Leadership Program 2020 to elevate your greatness. We know that coming together in a group with like minded people increases the inspiration and motivation to take the action steps needed.

The sessions will provide the tools and guidance for you to move forward and develop an effortless kind of leadership that gives you the inspiration and energy you want in your everyday life.

This year’s focus is HEALTH!

Example of Topics that will be discussed:

  • Mental health and the correlation with finding your balance
  • Self-confidence
  • Exercise, what kind, why
  • Morning rituals/routines
  • Refill with fresh Energy

This is the final date for the Swedish Chamber Woman Leadership Program this year.

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