International Interns & Trainees Day
Last week, the Swedish Chamber hosted a Nordic Intern and Trainee Day in Amsterdam. Interns and Trainees from the Nordic Embassies and Chambers joined us for an eventful afternoon at the Swedish Chamber office. We had the opportunity to get to know each other and our organizations better, all while enjoying a fika. During the fika, we engaged in an interesting discussion about business culture connected to the similarities and differences we as Nordic expats have experienced when moving to the Netherlands and starting to work in a new environment. Thereafter, the group left the Swedish Chamber office to go to Amsterdam city center to go for a Stromma Pizza Cruise by the canal. The Swedish Chamber extends heartfelt gratitude to Swedish Chamber member Stromma for facilitating such a fantastic canal boat trip for us and the other Nordic Interns and Trainees. Lastly, we also want to thank all the Nordic Interns and Trainees who participated in the Intern and Trainee Day at the Swedish Chamber! We look forward to welcoming you back to Amsterdam soon.    
Thank you Vattenfall!
A warm thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s amazing event with Vattenfall and the Young Professionals! 🌎✨ The event focused on learning keys to navigate Swedish-Dutch business culture, which generated interesting discussions throughout the evening. We want to extend a special thanks to Vattenfall for hosting this event, and to the Vattenfall team for contributing a lot of interesting insight into business culture as a Swedish company operating in the Netherlands. We also want to thank our speakers Malin K. Petrocchi, senior compliance manager at Prosus Group, and Jan Coelingh, senior program manager and lead engineer wind resources at Vattenfall, for sharing their personal experiences of Swedish-Dutch business culture. 👥 Find more information and photos from the event ! Don’t miss our next event with the Young Professionals community, which will be a relaxed drinks and network gathering on November 15. Sign up .
Our current YP membership offer
Become a member of the Young Professionals today, and your membership will be valid until December 31, 2024, which means that you get the rest of 2023 for free. Who can you expect to meet at our monthly events? 📈 Employees who want to engage in discussions on topics that interest them, and professionally develop through our programs. 🤝 Newcomers in the Netherlands who want to join a fantastic community. 🎓 Students who want to establish a stronger connection to the business world. 🚀 Entrepreneurs who want to make their business flourish. Ready to meet new people and enhance your skills? Join us and be part of something amazing! Become a member .
Meet Rebecca van Dorrestein, member of the young professionals committee
"Being a Committee Member does not only allow for the opportunity of bringing this networking powerhouse forward together, but it also creates space for the committee members to contribute with their skills and learn from each other." “This community has long been a stepping stone for young, aspiring professionals, like myself, ready to embark on their professional journeys. I would like to see more people be given the opportunity to forge valuable relationships that can lead to new career opportunities, collaborations, partnerships and friendships.“ Read more about Rebecca and the other members of the Young Professionals Committee here.
Meet Alexander Ljungström, Member of the Young Professionals Committee
"Being a part of the YP committee enables me to shape the direction of the Young Professionals and create new initiatives to attract and retain members". “As a founder of a company, I would like to develop a supporting network for other entrepreneurs in YP. Getting to know the bureaucracy in The Netherlands is not an easy thing and taking the step of starting your own is a bold move“. Read more about Alexander and the other members of the Young Professionals Committee .
Meet Malin K. Petrocchi, Member of the Young Professionals Committee
"After attending many events and programs organized by YP, I wanted to give back to this community. It has also been an incredible opportunity to get to know and work closely with my fellow committee members and our YP members." Read more about Malin and the othe members of the Young Professionals Committee .    
Thank you Stromma!
Thank you to everyone who joined us for the incredible evening on the Amsterdam canals with Stromma and the Young Professionals network! The highlight of the evening was Stromma’s inspiring presentation about its sustainability strategy. As the city of Amsterdam has the goal to only have zero-emission vessels in 2025, a committed sustainability strategy from Stromma is necessary. We got to learn about both their motivation, challenges, and solutions from CEO Carola Hoekstra, and project manager Floris de Vroe. The next Young Professionals event will take place on October 12, where we will learn about and discuss Swedish-Dutch business culture together with Vattenfall. Read more and sign up !  
  • Floris de Vroe, Project Manager at Stromma Nederlands
  • Carola Hokestra, CEO at Stromma Nederlands
  • Bastiaan Schriemer, Pricing Specialist & Account Manager
  • Emma Wergeland, Project Manager for Young Professionals
Get to Know Polestar and YP member Melle Roorda
In the latest , readers have the opportunity to get to know the valued Swedish Chamber Patron member Polestar! Willem Baudewijns, Managing Director of Polestar Netherlands, shares insights on sustainability, reinventing the automobile sector, and the Swedish brand identity. Plus, hear from Melle Roorda, HR Manager at Polestar and Young Professionals member, about their commitment to employee development, diversity, and its connection to the Swedish Chamber’s Young Professionals community. Join us as we discover how Polestar is accelerating the shift to sustainable mobility, and its exciting collaborations with Rivian and Kerney. Read the full article .