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Business Climate Survey 2023 The Netherlands

The Swedish brand is perceived to contribute positively to the business of Swedish companies.

The Netherlands is Sweden’s seventh-largest export market (94 billion SEK) and the third-largest market for imports (206 billion SEK). With its geographically advantageous location, together with its high level of digitalization, technological advancements, innovative practices, and commitment to sustainability, the Netherlands makes an appealing destination for Swedish enterprises.

Over the years, Swedish companies in the Netherlands have continued to improve their financial performance. In 2021, 68 percent of the participating companies reported a profit, a figure that climbed to 89 percent by 2022. This substantial increase suggests a recovering economy that is rebounding from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Swedish companies in the Netherlands tend to have an optimistic view of turnover when observing the results from the past years. This year, 74 percent of the respondents answered that they expect their turnover to increase in the upcoming 12 months. The consumer sector emerged as the most favorable, with 100 percent of the companies expressing their anticipation of an increase in their turnovers.

For the third consecutive year, the survey results indicate that the primary operations of Swedish companies in the Dutch market revolve around Marketing and sales activities. For the second consecutive year, Sustainability continues to be one of the most important driving forces, accounting for 36 percent.

The Swedish brand is perceived to contribute positively to the business of Swedish companies in the Dutch market. This year, 89 percent responded that the brand contributes partially or very much.

The Global Business Survey 2022

A considerable majority of Swedish companies operating overseas are profitable and more than half have their sights set on new investments. These are just two findings in the Global Business Climate Survey for this year, which captures the inside perspectives of Swedish decision-makers in 22 markets.  

More than 1,600 Swedish companies took part in this year’s survey and shared first-hand insights into the success factors and challenges they face when doing business abroad.  

Overall, the consensus was clear: the business climate overseas is improving. 60 percent of companies believe that amplifying their Swedish identity benefits their performance abroad, and 40 per cent of companies say that customers consider environmental sustainability to a “high or very high degree” – up four points from last year. 


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The Global Business Climate Survey 2021

The Global Business Climate Survey captures the current views and future expectations of Swedish companies and is a valuable source of information when doing business abroad. The survey builds on collected data from 1 ,400 company representatives in 22 markets worldwide in a joint collaboration between Business Sweden, Swedish Chambers International (SCI), local embassies, and consulates abroad. The survey provides a unique database of perspectives that allows companies to make a comparative analysis of different markets.

Global Analysis


The Business Climate Survey 2021 in the Netherlands

Team Sweden in the Netherlands (The Embassy of Sweden, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, and Business Sweden) have conducted the first Business Climate Survey among Swedish Companies in the Netherlands, whose findings are presented in this report.

The results of the survey reflect the growing optimism felt across Europe. Swedish companies are planning to increase investment; they expect turnover to increase and seem to have managed the pandemic consequences fairly well. The report provides insights into the economic outlook, key facts about the Dutch market, and Swedish company performances in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the respondents of this survey are satisfied with the Dutch business climate, and the Swedish brand remains strong, symbolizing both innovation and sustainability.

This year, the Business Climate Survey has been conducted in over 20 countries worldwide. The Dutch report was presented on September 22, 2021. The Business Climate Survey is an important tool to map out the opportunities and challenges Swedish companies face when doing business abroad.

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