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Working from home sucessfully: New digital processes & systems


Monday APRIL 6 2020 // 11.00 – 11.45 a.m.

Corona has rapidly changed the way employees and companies are working While remote working and video conferencing had already been a part of the daily work before, traditional meetings and collaboration used to be a major part of most offices. Suddenly now employees are forced to work entirely remotely.

With this come new additional challenges for staff and their leaders: How can working from home be organized successfully? How can processes quickly be transformed to the digital sphere?

In this webinar, Thomas Streveld from Chamber member Mercuri Urval shares input about how to efficiently work in an remote office and opens a forum to discuss members‘ experience with this new virtual working life.


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Time: 15.00 – 16.00

Welcome to this webinar and Q&A on legal issues arising out of COVID-19, featuring Rens Goudsmit Advocaat Corporate & Commercial Litigation, IT and Privacy, TK Advocaten Notarissen and Nils van Dijkman, Partner HEUSSEN Advocaten & Notarissen 

Recent measures taken by the Dutch government to combat the Corona virus have a major impact on the daily business operations of companies and institutions. This brings a lot of challenges and legal uncertainties that require a direct approach. Our members, the law firms TK Advocaten and Notarissen and Heussen will share know-how, experiences and insights on the best approach.

Nils van Dijkman will cover the personnel related topics and go into the “salary costs compensation” (NOW) and answer questions like when will NOW come to force, how much of the salary costs will be covered and how long will this measure last. In addition other measures to reduce personnel costs will be addressed.

Rens Goudsmit will cover contract related issues and answer questions on how to interpret the corona virus situation. Is force majeure applicable? What are the legal consequences for my contract(s)? What does the legal term ‘unforeseen circumstances’ mean and what are the consequences?

All related topics will be analysed and answered during the session on Friday.


15.00 Welcome
15:05 Presentations
15.45 Q&A
16.00 End of webinar

About the webinar

Organised together with member businesses sharing their expertise with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce  community ries of webinars highlight different aspects of operating and leading a business.

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High Performance by Sound and Togetherness Webinar by Frans Davidsson, Chief of Sound, Soundtribes.


Learn how to transfer sound from something negative into something positive.


In an ever so digital world the analogue tools, voices and ears, are being never so important as now. How we design workplace (space) linking workplace communities (people, activities, behaviour) are vital for creating sustainable operations. Emphasis on the social togetherness in a spatial distance reality, the voices of others will be the glue that will make organisations to keep thriving. 

SoundTribes, Chief of Sound, Frans Davidsson, will with his interdisciplinary knowledge, guide us through Sound Evolution and Environmental Psychology in the Workplace. Simply, Why we react as we do and what implications it has on people and business. Noise annoyance is top of complaints in workplaces, for decades the biggest stressor in offices, still we go on  business as usual.

The drop in performance leads to enormous cost for organisations and society every day. High demands on cognitive performance require a more in-depth approach on the biggest asset- the workforce. There are good ways to approach and implement the Physical environment to support humans both Psychologically and Physiologically.


This session is for Organisational leaders (Policies and Performance), Facility Managers and Designers (Spatial Design) and HR Managers (People and Health).


Welcome to a session on how We Make Sound Work!



10.00 Welcome

10.05 Presentation

10.45 Q&A

11.00 End of webinar


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April 20, 2020 Swedish Chamber Business Women Program 2020

Featuring Malin Hedlund, MH Leadership

Free Kick off Webinar

Time: 18.30 – 20.00

Welcome to Swedish Chambers of Commerce Kick-off for Business Women Program 2020. To Elevate greatness, it starts with HEALTH, which is the main theme this year.

Malin is looking forward to meeting you and welcomes you to sign up to invest in yourself!

The Kick-off Session includes:

To learn more about the  Purpose and Goal for the 2020 BWP – program
What is health/wellness and the positive power and effects it has on you and your leadership
Assess your status of your wellbeing to be able to make better choices going forward
Next step
Q & A

max.90 minutes

Please note, you are welcome to sign up for the Swedish Chamber Women Leadership program 2020 after having joined the Kick-off however not compulsory.


About the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Women Business Leadership Program 2020

As an ambitious hardworking goal-oriented businesswoman we invite you to participate in Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s Business Women Leadership Program 2020 to elevate your greatness. We know that coming together in a group with like minded people increases the inspiration and motivation to take the action steps needed.

The sessions will provide the tools and guidance for you to move forward and develop an effortless kind of leadership that gives you the inspiration and energy you want in your everyday life.

This year’s focus is HEALTH!

Example of Topics that will be discussed:

  • Mental health and the correlation with finding your balance
  • Self-confidence
  • Exercise, what kind, why
  • Morning rituals/routines
  • Refill with fresh Energy

The following dates for the Swedish Chamber Woman Leadership Program this year are:
June 9, September 15 and xxxx

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Melker Dahlstrand/imagebank.sweden.se

Time and venue yet to be confirmed.

Evaluation of the program and final reflections. Guest speaker from earlier Mentorship Program on what’s next.


For more information about the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals Mentorship Program 2019-2020 please visit our even page:  https://swedishchamber.nl/event-series/mentorship-program/


The Mentorship Program is made possible by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Mercuri Urval sponsored by
Inter IKEA Systems and Handelsbanken.




Photo by Melker Dahlstrand/Imagebank.sweden.se

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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce welcomes all members to the Annual General Meeting on June 31, 2020.

Time: 11.00 – 13.00

Swedish Chamber of Commerce
Impact Hall
Fred. Roeskestraat. 115

More information tbc.

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Welcome to join the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for a Business Update to Stockholm on August 24-25, 2020. You will receive an update on the developments of Sweden’s future competitiveness in the interconnected, autonomous and digital global marketplace, gain insight into the most important players in the market for the upcoming years and excellent opportunities for networking.


More info tbc.

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The Annual Swedish Crayfish Party promises traditional Swedish festivities with great food, drinking songs, “snapsvisor” entertainment and surprises. This event is the perfect way to entertain clients, colleagues and friends and to enjoy a typically Swedish celebration.

During this festive evening, you will enjoy a starter followed by crayfish, coffee with a nice piece of cake together with beer and wine, singing and networking. And of course, we sell snaps to go with the singing!


When: September 5, 2020

Time: 19.00 – 00.00

Where: Roeivereninging De Amstel, Hobbemakade 122, Amsterdam


19.00 Welcome drink and canapés at the beautiful terrace

20.00 Starter – Homemade pie with salad and bread
Crayfish – Knäckebröd, bread and Swedish cheese
Swedish Dajmtårta and coffee

Snapps songs, entertainment and fun surprises

22.30  Dancing

00.00 End of Party

Welcome drink and 2 drinks from the bar is included in the price. More drinks and snapps for sale at own costs.


This event is the perfect way to entertain clients, colleagues and friends and to enjoy a typically Swedish celebration.

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