The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands

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About us

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands
builds on Innovation, Sustainability and Gender Balance,
and aims to inspire and promote the exchange of business
experience, expertise and business opportunities between
Sweden and the Netherlands.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands is a non-profit member organisation founded in 1960. Our mission is to inspire, promote and extend trade and business relations between Swedish-Dutch individuals and companies. Our vision is to create business opportunities between Swedish and Dutch cultures.

We connect people and businesses on all levels and in all sectors. We invite you to participate in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s network platform to grow your business network and for innovative and creative knowledge exchange.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s network consists of decision makers from Swedish and Dutch global companies, companies in the creative sectors, the innovation and tech scene, entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups, investors, consultants, law firms, HR companies and banks. Through our unique business network we offer a wide range of useful business information and contacts both for Swedish companies establishing their business in the Netherlands, and for Dutch companies entering the Swedish market.

We connect and introduce you to our extended network of member companies, fellow members, experts and stakeholders who can assist you with business information and experience exchange. We call it By Members, for Members.

Each year the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands hosts more than 40 events, bringing together business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, and academics from both Sweden and the Netherland. We address the greater trends facing us, from tech to climate change, e-mobility, digitalisation,
energy transition, green recovery, the future workforce, the global trade – all with the common purpose of creating new business relations and opportunities and to strengthen Swedish-Dutch trade relations.

In addition, we offer valuable training programs for personal and professional development, such as our professional Mentorship Program, Women Business Leadership Program and our latest addition, The Tech Tables.

In addition, the Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber (YP) has approximately 70
members, aged 23-36, studying or working in the Netherlands. YP organises a wide range of both business related and social activities for personal and professional growth, and to extend the professional and personal network.