The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands


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About us

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands builds on Innovation and Sustainability and aims to inspire and promote the exchange of business ideas and business opportunities.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands is a non-profit organization founded in 1960. Our mission is to inspire, promote and extend the commercial and industrial relations between Swedish – Dutch individuals and companies. Our Vision is to create business opportunities between Swedish and Dutch cultures. We love to connect people on a personal
level and to connect individuals and businesses in key sectors. We invite you to participate at the The Swedish Chamber of Commerce network platform to grow your business network and for innovative and creative knowledge exchanges.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce network consists of decision makers from Swedish and Dutch global companies, creative and innovative people, entrepreneurial start-ups, investors, insurance agencies, lawyers, and banks. We offer a wide range of useful business contacts for Swedish companies establishing their businesses in the Netherlands and for Swedish and Dutch companies who want to extend their business network.

From world-leading developments at Swedish – Dutch global companies to insights into hot business topics such as sustainability, circular economy, equality, entrepreneurship and CSR, there is always something going on at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Each year the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands hosts more than 30 events targeting different segments, with the common purpose of creating business opportunities for Swedish and Dutch companies and strengthen Swedish-Dutch relations.

Welcome to join the Swedish Chamber and to participate in our events and networking possibilities to connect and enlarge your Swedish – Dutch business network.

In addition, the Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber (YP) has approximately 70 Members, aged 23-36, studying or working in the Netherlands. YP organises a wide range of both business-related and social activities, offering the opportunity to increase one’s knowledge of business in the Netherlands and expand one’s network.

Our mission is:

  • To provide a business network platform for the advancement of Swedish and Dutch business for their members.

  • To promote the trade relations between Sweden and the Netherlands.

  • To deliver a unique business network based on the combination of Swedish and Dutch cultures.