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By joining the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, you will be a part of a growing network of companies and individuals, both successfully established and emerging in the Netherlands.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands helps you when growing your company and building Swedish – Dutch business networks. Since 1960, we have facilitated Swedish Dutch trade relations and knowledge sharing and established ourselves as the primary link between the Swedish and Dutch business communities.

We have an extensive and impressive business networks with company members representing a wide variety of sectors from multinationals, Startups and One Person Companies to individual members.

In addition, we provide access to an international network of chambers and business associations. We connect you with the right people, in the right place — at the right time!

The Chamber membership ensures inclusion in the Swedish-Dutch business community. And we provide excellent opportunities for your company to advertise products and services, build valuable connections and take part in the latest trends, participate in our events or organize one together with us — enabling your company to position itself at the forefront of business.

As a Member you receive:

• An exclusive business network. The network includes Swedish, as well as international companies,  with an interest in Dutch-Swedish trade relations and business opportunities.

• Employee benefits. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands offers all employees of Member companies the opportunity to participate in a number of seminars, briefings, trainings, luncheons, breakfasts, presentations, and social events. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce has one of the most active event calendars of all foreign Chambers in the Netherlands.

• Branding opportunities. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands offers the possibility to host and/or sponsor events in cooperation with the Chamber. You can also utilize the Swedish Chamber marketing tools to promote your company to the unique and extensive Dutch-Swedish target group. These marketing tools include publications, the website, social media, newsletters, mail shots (with promotional material) and more.

• Business services and matchmaking. Members gain access to the Business Services Desk, offering matchmaking and market analysis

• A high-quality and active membership offering excellent networking opportuinites and marketing exposure as well as concrete sales and business opportunities.


Membership Fee 2021:

Member Fee’s Swedish Chamber of Commerce  2021

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€ 210.00 introduction fee for one person companies (for first year) following years € 325.00
€ 515.00 for companies with  2 – 15 employees
€ 575.00 for companies with 16 – 50 employees
€ 725.00 for companies with 51 – 100 employees and more
€ 805.00 for companies with 101 employees and more
€ 176.00 excl VAT private member

Digital Application form Swedish Chamber of Commerce see below. For private members please write private members by number of employees.

 Special Patron offer for more information please contact the office: or phone: 020 – 320 32 26

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