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The Ultimate Swedish-Dutch Business Network since 1960

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands functions as a unique networking organisation within the Swedish-Dutch business community. The extensive business network represents a range of Member Companies of different sizes, working in a variety of sectors. We are a nonprofit organisation with more than 60 years of experience, helping entrepreneurs and corporations of all sizes to establish, grow and develop their businesses. 

Being one of the most active foreign Chambers in The Netherlands, we represent, inspire and promote our 200+ Members. In addition to arranging more than 30+ events per year, we offer valuable training programs for personal and professional development and provide relevant forums, meetings, and summits featuring renowned speakers and top officials.

Why should you join?

A unique business network

Become a part of a professional networking platform with 200+ members. Create valuable connections in a diverse business network that includes companies of various sizes, ranging from smaller startups to larger multinational corporations. The Swedish Chambers membership base spans across 24+ sectors, showcasing a broad spectrum of industries.

A platform for Swedish-Dutch business relations

With a unique business platform, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce promotes Swedish business interests in the Netherlands and is committed to representing, inspiring, and promoting the members while strengthening the commercial relations between the countries. Whether you are an established company or entering the Dutch market, we serve as a unique Swedish-Dutch platform.

Gain Insights & Knowledge

The organization facilitates knowledge sharing by hosting events and programs on themes aligned with the core values: Sustainability, Innovation & Tech, and Diversity & Inclusion. The programs maintain a high level of expertise through our dedicated committees. The Swedish Chamber also provides knowledge through our News Feed updates and digital magazine Swedish Chamber Insights.

Visibility Opportunities

The organization offers excellent marketing opportunities in the Swedish-Dutch business community. This includes promotion through our communication channels, the opportunity to host or sponsor events, and to participate as a speaker or panellist.


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Annual Membership Fee’s 2024

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1-2 employee(s)             € 400
3-50 employees             € 675
51-100 employees         € 895
>100 employees            € 945
Private Member             € 250 incl. VAT

For information about Patron Membership for more information please contact the office: or phone: 020 – 320 32 26

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