Gull & Stellan Ljungberg Foundation Scholarship

Gull & Stellan Ljungberg Foundation Scholarship

In 2022, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce was very proud to launch the collaboration with the Gull & Stellan Ljungberg Foundation Scholarship. The Scholarship offers a talented and creative young professional with connection to the municipalities of Uddevalla and Trollhättan, the unique opportunity to acquire international experience by joining the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for a period of 12 months. 

About Gull & Stellan Ljungberg Foundation

In memory of Gull and Stellan Ljungberg, the major part of the foundation’s return is each year distributed to young students and professionals from the municipalities of Uddevalla and Trollhättan. The foundation prioritizes applicants who study, participate in exchange semesters, or do fieldwork abroad. 

Gull and Stellan ran a leather factory together in Uddevalla during their active years. They both traveled a lot and strived for new knowledge continuously. They made extensive use of both the English and German languages and had a great interest in international business and cultural life. Gull and Stellan donated a part of their fortune to the foundation to enable young students to gain that same international experience they both cherished so much. 

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Required Qualifications

  • You must have a connection to the municipalities of Uddevalla and Trollhättan.
  • You should have completed studies at the bachelor’s or master’s level at a Swedish University.
  • You should be creative and entrepreneurial.
  • Show strong oral and written communication skills, in Swedish and English.


Applications for the Scholarship 2023-2024 is now closed.

Scholarship recipient 2022-2023

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to welcome Sanjidul Huda as a new Management Trainee at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands.

Sanjidul Huda has a Master’s degree in Industrial Ecology from the Chalmers University of Technology, focusing on sustainability and environmental management. As a recent graduate, he will be working as a Management Trainee at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. During his studies, Sanjidul has gained work experience as a Project Manager at Plan International, where he developed advocacy strategies for youth engagement, and a Team Member at Engineers Without Borders, where he participated in several development projects with a combination of technology management and sustainability. Sanjidul has also been involved in extracurricular activities at Chalmers’s student division as Head of PR, Treasure and Career/Business Association. In his final year of studies, Sanjidul did an exchange semester in Italy and collaborated with an R&D company for a field study in Kenya for his master’s thesis.
Sanjidul views his trainee position as an insight within a business field he could see himself in the future. He aims to become more confident and gain personal development and believes this position will provide great wisdom and understanding of an international business environment. Sanjidul is looking forward to working with a great team, strengthening his knowledge, and providing positive energy to the year to come at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to the collaboration with Sanjidul and wishes him a lot of success!

Scholarship recipient 2021-2022

My time as a scholar at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce has so far been an intense, exciting, and very rewarding journey. I love that you, at an early stage, were given a lot of freedom and responsibility to take on your own projects with the support and help from the rest of the team. This has given me the opportunity to put my theoretical knowledge to the test, and apply it in real situations, which both have contributed positively to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce as well as to my personal development.”

Johanna Lindén, Gull & Stellan Ljungberg Foundation Scholar 2021/2022