1 November, 2018 Circular Economy Summit

Thursday 1 November 2018
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What is happening at European level and in the EU Member States?
How do Sweden and the Netherlands approach Circular Economy?
Which national policies are needed to facilitate this transition?
How do Swedish and Dutch companies work with Circular Economy?
What can we learn from each other?


13.00 Coffee and registration

13.30 Welcome and Introduction
Moderator, Elin Bergman, chairman Cradlenet
Johan Wullt, Head of Press & Media European Commission

13.40 Swedish circular ambitions
Representative from Swedish Ministry (tbc)

14.00 The Netherlands have the most ambitious circular targets
– what’s next?
Rob Boerée, Inspirer at Start Circular and former Director at
the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

14.15 What can the business sector bring to the table?
IKEA, HM, Akzo Nobel and Unilever

15.00 Coffee Break

15.30 C18 Report by SB Insight

15.45 How to make EU a global leader in the circular economy?
Jyrki Katainen, EU Commission Vice President for Jobs,
Growth, Investment and Competitiveness interviewed by
Anders Wijkmamn, chairman of the Swedish Association of
Recycling Industries.

16.45 Final Remarks
Annika Markovic, Swedish Ambassador to
the Netherlands

17.00 – 18.00 Networking Drinks




Fred. Roeskestraat 115
1076 EE Amsterdam

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