Richard Stoop

Richard Stoop

Company and position

Managing Partner, Pinq Mango Capital Partners

Pinq Mango Capital Partners

We are Pinq Mango Capital Partners; a boutique investment bank that puts people first. We believe that by understanding the motivations, biases, habits, and emotions of your stakeholders and customers, you’ll discover the key to building a sustainable business. By combining behavioral science-based strategic advice with bespoke financial solutions, we can offer you unique advantages in realizing your business growth ambitions.

At Pinq Mango Capital Partners, we develop actionable strategies and innovative financial solutions to help you future-proof your company. We enable you to stay ahead of the game, and optimise the growth of your company for long-term success.

Further, we advise on, and assist with, the execution of a variety of financial transactions. Whether you require additional funding, want to buy, sell, or merge your company, or want to prepare for a listing on the stock exchange, we provide you with the advice and execution you need to ensure an optimal outcome.

We offer a smooth journey, from idea inception to transaction completion, and we always focus on your company’s long-term value as our primary goal.