PartInc’s outstanding tech investor

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Exciting news from Swedish Chamber Patron Member PartInc Capital: “Last week, Breakit published its most complete list ever of the Swedish most important tech investors. We’re proud to share that our Per Nordling is on the list of the heaviest names in the business! Per has been in the SaaS industry for over 20 years, wearing multiple hats along the way as an entrepreneur, angel investor, and investor:

CEO, chairman & co-founder of Medius
CEO & Chairman of Dapresy (A Confirmit Company)
Chairman and co-founder of lynes and Younium
Chairman of
Boardmember of Seidat, and TIE Kinetix is now SPS Commerce

And now, as the co-founder and one of the driving forces behind Partinc, he continues to make an important impact in the industry. It takes an incredible amount of hard work, dedication, passion – and let’s not forget, compassion – to achieve such milestones. So, this one’s for Per – congratulations, you absolutely deserve this!”

Click here to see the full list from Breakit here, and learn more about PartInc Capital here.