Empowering Personal Leadership online course by Zumflow – now with exclusive discount for Swedish Chamber Members
This spring, I was offered the opportunity to join the inspiring course Personal Leadership by Zumflow, a coaching company empowering professionals and inspiring change since 2009. The online course is led by their founder, Kristina Zumpolle. Zumflow works with coaching, designing and delivering programmes with a focus on effective and authentic leadership. The five-week course aims to help participants find clarity and lead their lives better by trusting themselves, managing limiting beliefs, and reaching their goals. Through videos, reflection material, and live sessions, it provides you with new perspectives and tools to help you get the most out of both your personal and professional life. One Friday morning in February, I stepped out of my usual routine and logged into a Zoom meeting filled with strangers, not really knowing what to expect. The group was a dynamic mix of people from various backgrounds, nationalities, ages, and industries, going through a wide range of changes in their lives, which had brought them to Zumflow. Despite being strangers at first, the conversations immediately felt natural and open. I spent the next five Friday mornings together with inspiring this group of people, delving into discussions on how to lead our lives more effectively. It's understandable that Friday mornings soon became a favorite part of my week. The course covered group discussions, personal reflections, meditations, writing exercises, and one-on-one chats with Kristina in front of the group during the live sessions. Listening to the other participant’s life stories and challenges, each unique, was truly eye-opening. Kristina's emphatic and encouraging coaching style made us feel empowered, safe, and connected as a group. The discussion during the live sessions often stayed with me, and suddenly I found myself talking with friends over dinner which values they find most important in their life, or calling my mom to ask if she experiences limiting beliefs holding her back in life. I also brought material from Personal Action Plan to our team at work, fostering a meaningful conversation about our energy management. Did you know the mind can stay in a high productive and positive energy for maximum 1-1.5 hours? I suggest you schedule a team coffee this week to discuss that fact. Reflect on how your shared routines can foster recovery and healthy habits, ultimately creating mental well-being and better performances. In conclusion, the Personal Leadership course by Zumflow is a great way to reflect on your life, understand your motivations and actions, and find inspiration from others. I would like to thank Kristina Zumpolle for the opportunity to participate in this high-level course in personal leadership, and all participants for sharing their stories and insights. If you're interested in investing in your own leadership journey, consider signing up for this course by Zumflow using the exclusive discount code: EARLYBIRDPL24, available to all Swedish Chamber members from April 22 to May 10. This code gives you access to the five-week online program, including videos, reflection documents, weekly Zoom sessions with Kristina, a Personal Action Plan, and one year of access to training material for 1497 excl. VAT (regular price is 1995 excl. VAT). The following Personal Leadership course by Zumflow starts on September 13, 2024, at 09:00 AM CET. I highly recommend anyone interested in self discovery and personal growth to join Zumflow's course. The course is created for young and middle leaders, up to director level. If you would like to know more about my experience, you are welcome to contact me at By Alexandra Gummesson Communication & Marketing Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands  
Thank you for the insightful presentation on Sustainable Leadership with Niels Thijssen
The Swedish Chamber and Young Professionals extend our heartfelt gratitude to Niels Thijssen for generously sharing his expertise and personal anecdotes on Sustainable Leadership, last week at this enlightening session and part of the Mentorship Program 2024. With engaging insights drawn from his personal journey, including his experiences coaching Belgium’s elite hockey team, Niels Thijssen delivered a captivating presentation emphasizing the importance of connecting with oneself, the team, and the broader world to cultivate sustainable leadership.
“People try to limit the risks before trying. Instead, we need to be comfortable with failing forward” – Niels Thijssen, Professional Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Author
We also thank all attendees for their active participation, and AIMS International for their valued collaborations. The Swedish Chamber is proud to facilitate these pivotal discussions on sustainable leadership. Find more photos from the event ! Join us on May 14 for the next Mentorship presentation on Mindfulness and Work-Life Balance with Kristina Zumpolle and Jasmijn de Smit from Zumflow. for details and registration!    
Earth Day 2024: Planet vs Plastic
Today we celebrate Earth Day 2024, emphasizing global environmental awareness, and particularly addressing plastic pollution under the theme 'Planet vs Plastics'. to learn more about Earth Day 2024, including goals and calls to action. Sustainability remains a central focus of all the Swedish Chamber's activity. Explore our to discover upcoming sustainability-focused events where you can deepen your knowledge and contribute to positive change. Welcome!
Meet our new Member Linden-IT
Swedish Chamber proudly welcomes our newest member Linden-IT! Find below Linden-IT's introduction to the Swedish Chamber community. Welcome! Introduction We would like to formally introduce our company, Linden-IT. We are a secondment company for IT-professionals. We already second IT-professionals from various disciplines for 8 years. For example, application management, BI/Data, development, servicedesk, low-code and system administration. We are located in The Netherlands and Sweden. We’re very happy to participate in the Chamber and look forward to get in touch with other members. Labor market research Linden-IT has conducted its annual labor market research. Some very striking insights have emerged from this. 1 in 5 Dutch companies are growing less rapidly due to a shortage of IT staff. As a result, 20% of companies are even making less profit! Many companies are willing to go the extra mile to find suitable IT-talent due to the tight labor market. This includes hiring employees from abroad or investing extra in training. Linden-IT believes that investing in training for local talent is the solution. Linden-IT places IT-professionals from various disciplines and offers them a continuous training plan. We provide tailor-made solutions to ensure that the local IT-sector can continue to grow. Read more about this in our blog and download the full research here: . Secondment works!   Finding and retaining qualified IT staff is becoming increasingly challenging. Meanwhile, more complex IT challenges are also emerging. By opting for secondment, you gain quick access to qualified IT-professionals for specific projects. Whether it's software development, system implementation, or network management. As a secondment provider, we can provide the required expertise. Additionally, secondment is flexible; an IT-professional can be deployed for both short and long-term projects. Scaling up can also be done quickly, allowing your organization to grow rapidly and keep up with new market developments. Trends and developments IT 2024 2024 has gotten off to a flying start, bringing yet another year filled with interesting trends and developments. To start, artificial intelligence continues its relentless advancement. Intelligent systems are becoming increasingly adept at comprehending complex data, allowing IT-professionals to focus more on strategic tasks. Additionally, in 2024, it's more crucial than ever to implement advanced security measures. Furthermore, sustainable technology is rapidly increasing in usage. This results in lower long-term operational costs, fosters innovation, and promotes socially responsible business practices.   Would you like to get in touch? Contact our CEO, Gerbert Jan Valk, or our Managing Director Sweden Par Wahlin, .
Meet Remy Steijger, Member of the Branding & Marketing Committee
Meet Remy Steijger, Member of the Swedish Chamber Branding & Marketing Committee and Founder of Captains! The Branding and Marketing Committee supports the Chamber with a branding framework for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce — who we are, what we do, and why companies should join this Swedish-Dutch business network. The committee further supports the Swedish Chamber with its marketing and communication strategies, building on the chamber’s values and the Swedish brand name. Find more information about the Swedish Chamber Committees , and get more insight into Remy's perspective of the Committee .  
Johan Uhlin becomes Manager Director of Scania Sweden
After six years of serving as Managing Director for Scania Production Zwolle, Johan Uhlin has been appointed to become Managing Director for Scania Sweden within Commercial Operations. Johan is set to assume leadership from the departing CEO, David Källsäter, on August 1, 2024. Johan Uhlin brings with him a wealth of experience in Scania's operations and products, along with a proven track record of leading large organizations. Since 2002, he has been deeply involved in production, holding various managerial positions, including roles within engine assembly in Södertälje, Sweden, overseeing bus operations in Slupsk, Poland, serving as CEO of the cabin production unit in Oskarshamn, Sweden, and most recently as CEO of the chassis operations in Zwolle and Meppel in the Netherlands. As the new CEO, Johan Uhlin is eager to build upon Scania Sweden's strong foundation and guide the company towards further success. The appointment of Johan Uhlin reflects Scania's commitment to continuity and growth in the Swedish market. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very proud and excited for Johan about this new appointment, however, it means that Johan's time in the Netherlands will come to an end, as he will move back to Stockholm, Sweden, with his family. Unfortunately, this also means that Johan is resigning as Chairperson of the Board of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.
"I am so very proud and honoured to having served as your Chairman for the last two years and representing Scania in the board of Directors for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce since April 2019, but the time has come for my family and me to move on for future endeavours" says Johan.
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce congratulates Johan on his exciting new appointment and wishes him lots of success.
“We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Johan for his exceptional contributions and dedication during his time as Chairperson for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands. It has been fantastic working together with Johan for the past years, his loyal commitment has been instrumental in steering the Chamber's activities towards greater success and impact within the Swedish-Dutch business community” says Kerstin Gerlagh, General Manager of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.
Johan Uhlin, new Managing Director of Scania Sweden.
Meet Andrea Orsag, speaker at Clothes Swap April 25th
We are very proud to present Andrea Orsag, Circular Economy & Sustainability Evangelist, as the keynote speaker for the Young Professionals Clothes Swap event on April 25, in collaboration with Edge Workspaces! Andrea will give an inspirational presentation on sustainable fashion. Andrea is the founder of MissionC, a strategy advisory based in Amsterdam on a mission to accelerate the sustainability transition on a global scale through circular economy and embedding ESG factors. She is also an advisor helping organisations bring ideas to life by refining sustainability strategies, adjusting business models, delivering programs and engaging stakeholders. The event also includes a Clothes Swap Market offering unisex, male, and female clothing suitable for spring and office wear, professional styling and mingling with music and drinks. Welcome to this dynamic after-work event hosted by the Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber and Edge Workspaces! Learn more about Andrea’s background and sign up for the event !
Insights Exclusive: How Einride is shaping a new era of freight
"By leveraging digitalization to address inefficiencies within a heavily fragmented sector, Einride is showing the world a new and more intelligent way to move." Dive into 2023's Swedish Chamber Entrepreneurship Business Award winner Einride's role in reshaping freight with digitalization, electrification, and automation, driving the transition to sustainable transportation. In the latest issue of Swedish Chamber Insights, read how Einride offers complete solutions and pave the way for a future of emission-free logistics. Read the full article .