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We are pleased to share with you the final report from this year´s Business Climate Survey (BCS).

The BCS was presented at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting at the Residence of the Swedish Ambassador on June 7, 2022. At the presentation Stefan de Goede, Swedish Chamber of Commerce, revealed the most interesting results. The Business Climate Survey provides insights into the economic outlook in the Netherlands as well as specific factors that allow Swedish companies to succeed in the Netherlands.

For the second year in a row, Team Sweden carried out a survey to understand how Swedish companies, actively operating in the Netherlands, perceive the market conditions and the economic prospects of their business. More than just a broad overview, the survey aims to show differences between industries, company size, and company age. The survey was sent out to 86 respondents between March and April. This year we managed to get 36 responses from Swedish company representatives, which makes it a 42 percent answer rate.

The Survey shows that Swedish companies continues to have a positive view on the Dutch business climate. Last year, 76% of the respondents perceived the business climate in the Netherlands as very good or good, which ranked The Netherlands in first place Globally in 2021. This year 84% of the responding companies perceive the business climate as very good or good. The most positive companies are the Newcomers and Experienced companies, who all answered that they perceived the Dutch business climate as very good or good. In fact, this year none of the respondents perceived the business climate as very poor or poor.

Follow the link to read the full report with comparisons to the year before and interesting conclusions. We would like to thank all companies who filled in the Survey and wish you very interesting reading.