Celebrating Innovation in the Business Awards Special of Swedish Chamber Insights

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With our digital magazine Swedish Chamber Insights, we offer you an exclusive glimpse into the activities within and around the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. This month, we’re honoured to feature the esteemed Swedish Chamber Business Awards 2023 winners: Getinge, Einride, and Husqvarna! CLICK HERE to view all articles.

  • Getinge – Winner of Tech for Good 2023: Discover how Getinge is revolutionizing healthcare with sustainable innovation and cutting-edge medical devices. Read here. 
  • Einride – Winner of Entrepreneurship 2023: Delve into Einride’s role in reshaping freight with digitalization, electrification, and automation. Learn how they’re driving the transition to sustainable transportation and paving the way for emission-free logistics. Read here.
  • Husqvarna – Winner of Achievement 2023: Explore how Husqvarna is leading the charge in sustainable practices, from innovative technologies to pioneering partnerships, all while setting new standards. Read here. 


We are very proud to present these outstanding cases of Swedish innovation and look forward to recognizing new impressive companies through the Swedish Chamber Business Awards 2024. Keep an eye on our website for more information on how to apply for this year’s awards, coming soon.