Fettisdagen 2022

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Today is the day we celebrate the Swedish tradition Fettisdagen at the office! Did you have your Semla today as well?

What is a Semla? Let us tell you! Semla is a small, wheat flour bun, flavored with cardamom and filled with almond paste and whipped cream. In Sweden, it has become something of a carb-packed icon. A tradition that is rooted in the celebratory feast before the Christian fasting period. With time, Swedes started to add cream and almond paste to the mix and started eating Semla every Tuesday between Shrove Tuesday and Easter. But today, Semlor usually appears in bakery windows after Christmas.

We would gladly like to urge everyone to try to bake their own semla or as we did, check your area if there is a bakery that sells semlor.

ENJOY and thank us later!