Get to Know Söderberg & Partners with Theo Stam

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Curious to know more about the driving force behind Söderberg & Partners’ success in the Netherlands? Get to Know Söderberg & Partners!

In the latest issue of Swedish Chamber Insights, we had an exclusive conversation with Theo Stam, Director of BD and Sales at Montae & Partners, a vital part of Söderberg & Partners Netherlands.

As a key figure at the heart of Söderberg & Partners’ entry into the Dutch market in 2017, Theo shared insights on:

  • The dynamic expansion journey in the Dutch market.
  • The company’s commitment to fostering sustainable employment.
  • Söderberg & Partners’ motivation behind sponsoring the upcoming #NordicTalks2023 Summit.

Don’t miss this insider’s perspective! Read the full interview here, and explore the nuances of Söderberg & Partners’ remarkable journey in the Dutch business landscape.