Meet the Swedish singer Anne-Lie Persson, entertainer for the Lucia Dinner & Dance!

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Anne-Lie Persson is born and raised in Östersund, Sweden. Music has always been the given choice for Anne-Lie since both her parents sang and played instruments for the children during Anne-Lie’s childhood. Growing up in a singing family made Anne-Lie who she is today and during car trips to Frosviken to see their relatives the whole familiy would be singing all the way to get there! Anne-Lie played oboe as a child and sang in the band “Mångalen” as a teenager.

After graduating high school Anne-Lie moved to the Netherlands where she studied music at the jazz conservatory in Groningen and started singing in various bands. If you are not in the Netherlands, you can also meet Anne-Lie and her family in Jämtland, Sweden a few times a year when she is “home” to be with family and relatives and to enjoy the beautiful Hållsta!

On December 13 we have the honor of welcoming Anne-Lie and her band Stockholm Tivoli to the Swedish Chamber Lucia Dinner & Dance on December 15! If you haven’t already booked your seat or table, welcome to do so by sending an email to and read more about the festive Christmas occasion by clicking here!