Meet New Young Professionals Committee Member Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld

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Position and company: Co-Founder, Avata

Nationality: Swedish

Love cooking, meeting new exciting people, adventures, traveling, and finding out more about cultures and food. I have always had a love for games and gaming, previously played professionally in esports so when time allows I play computer games – mainly FPS games.

What would you like to achieve with YP?
I would like to meet more like-minded people as well as reach out to more people in my network to share the same great experience I had when joining YP. Give advice on new exciting events and activities we can create in the upcoming months.

Why should you join YP?
Young Professionals opens many different doors for networking, business, friends, events and on a personal level.

Why YP?
When I first came to the Netherlands I looked into finding a way to remain connected with Swedish traditions, companies, and people. I came across YP and already at the first event I made a lot of new connections and now friends. The YP network has been a great opportunity for me to get better integrated when I moved to Amsterdam both from a personal but also professional point of view.