Sweden’s Parliament votes by Huge Majority in Favour of Nato Accession
Sweden's parliament has voted to ratify the country's accession to the Nato defence alliance, with its historic bill to end two centuries of non-alignment passing with a margin of 269 to 37. Click to read more. Photo credit: Text credit: The Local
Swe-Cham Member Quinyx named one of 2023 Top 100 Next Unicorns: Shaping the Next Gen of Tech
Europe’s Next Unicorns have been crowned. This annual list, created by VivaTech in partnership with GP Bullhound, celebrates the 100 most promising scale-ups in Europe, including the UK and Israel. These scale-ups have the potential to become Unicorns, a company valued at $1 billion, in the next few years. Since 2019, 40% of the scale-ups identified by the Top 100 have already become Unicorns, including ManoMano, Contentsquare, Back Market and Sumup. Click for more information.
Biography Ehsan Turabaz
Delft, March 13, 2023 – Last year, on March 6, Ehsan Turabaz, international relations leader at Inter-IKEA, former chair of the Swedisch Chamber of Commerce, honorary consul general and founder of the Friends of Afghanistan foundation, passed away at a much too young age. In the book Ehsan Turabaz, which can be ordered from now on, his wife Marloes Borsboom-Turabaz pays tribute to him, his life, and his commitment to his homeland. Click here for more information.
“Bank Crisis or…” by Handelsbanken
Swe-Cham Member Handelsbanken shares their insights on the current Economic situation.  “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing”. This quotation derives from Plato’s description of the Greek philosopher Socrates. If this was Socrates’ view, one would imagine that he would have been well equipped to cope in the current financial markets. Conviction can often be a good quality to have, but at present it’s more important to be open to new events and movements in the market. Events surrounding the relatively small bank SVB do not seem typical of other banks in any way – in any case not in Europe, and particularly not in Sweden. But they highlight the fact that the rapid tightening of global monetary policy is not without its consequences, and give central banks another cause for concern. We can no longer take further tightening measures for granted, despite the fact that a protracted period of high inflation seems likely. After it was decided that UBS buys Credit Suisse, new questions arise about some of the banks market financing." Click here to read more.
Gothenburg visits Rotterdam 11 – 14 May, 2023
For our forth stopover we're again going to a city that we have never visited before, Rotterdam! Götheborg has been to the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Dan Helden, before, but this is the first visit to the south of the country. You will find us moored at the the Holland Amerikakade in the Kop van Zuid neighborhood. We will of course be open to visitors during our stay. Come on board and visit the ship! Learn about the history of the Swedish East India Company and the adventures of the original Götheborg that sailed three times to Asia. Hear modern tales of sailing an 18th century ship, feel the authentic atmosphere, and listen to everything from captivating stories to the tremendous art of shipbuilding. Click to learn more. Photo credit: Peder Jacobsson
Delicious Recipes from Sweden by Northern Delight
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  • Sunday 16 April, 2023, 14:00 - 7 Kinds of Cookies
  • Sunday 21 May, 2023, 14:00 - Cinnamon Bun Baking
  For more information, click . Photo credit: northern delight
Welcome new Patron Member
We are very proud to give a warm welcome to our new Swedish Chamber Patron Member Securitas Nederland B.V. For more information, click .
Waffle Day- “Våffeldagen”
Tomorrow, March 25, is the Swedish Waffle Day – Våffeldagen! This tradition is pretty self-explanatory. It involves waffles; wonderful jam, or 'sylt' in Swedish, and some whipped cream. Waffles are eaten all year round in Sweden but they are particularly popular on "Våffeldagen". Swedish waffles are flatter than the more well-known Belgian waffle and are normally made in a special waffle maker which makes the waffles heart-shaped. Click to go to Visit Sweden's Website for a waffle recipe. Happy "Våffeldagen" wishes the Swedish Chamber of Commerce!