Meet the Mentors for the Mentorship program 2017/2018!

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On October 31st it was time to kick-off the Mentorship program 2017/2018!

We are happy to introduce the Mentors that will be participating this year, welcome to read their presentations below!

Magnus Nolgren

Magnus Nolgren, 37, is currently working as personnel relations manager at Applied Medical Europe. Magnus has previous experience within mentoring as he is ICF Certified Coach with over 750 hours of coaching both junior and senior people. He has also been involved in setting up the structure of the mentorship used in the Swedish Armed Forces!

Magnus wishes to contribute to the Mentorship program with his experience in exploring options and the challenges in not always taking the most convenient route. Magnus thinks that his experience from both start-ups, mid-size and large public organizations and working both strategic and operationally could be a good contribution.

Why do you want to become a mentor?

I want to be a part of the exchange of experiences supporting individuals in their professional and personal growth. Every encounter is different which you can learn something from. The mutual exchange of learning from each other.

Magnus Nolgren on LinkedIn

Pernilla Guitink

Pernilla Guitink, 50, previously left Ericsson Nederland. Pernilla wishes to contribute as a Mentor with her working experiences as account manager, sales support, quality manager and project manager. On the personal level she is a Swedish person that has been living in the Netherlands for a long time!

Why do you want to become a mentor?

It seems very interesting to be able to share my work and life experiences with young professionals!

Pernilla Guitink on LinkedIn

Malin Hedlund

Malin Hedlund, 46, is currently working as trainer, coach and business owner at her company MH Leadership.

She wishes to contribute to help create clarity in finding out what you really want to achieve, goals and ambitions, and how to get the right coaching, training, motivation etc.

Why do you want to become a mentor?

To help and to contribute to growth and development for the Mentee’s. I think it’s a great program that I would love to support as a mentor again!

Malin Hedlund on LinkedIn

Marianne Johansson

Marianne Johansson, 60, founder of Cicerone Cross Cultural Communication. Marianne has previous experiences from communication, connecting ideas and knowledge, organizational structures and functions and civil defense.

Marianne hopes to contribute to the program as a Mentor with her open mind and with her ability to look at obstacles from a different perspective.

Marianne Johansson on LinkedIn

Camilla Mattsson

Camilla Mattsson, 44, Customer Experience Manager at Abbott Diagnostics. Camilla hopes to contribute as a Mentor in the Mentorship program with her experience from working, studying and living in several different countries.

Why do you want to become a Mentor? I’d like to help others living abroad and I expect to learn a lot as well from them!

Camilla Mattsson on LinkedIn

Kees van den Ende

Kees van den Ende, 60, Senior Boardroom Advisor, Endemij Holding. With over 30 years of work life experience and 16 years as a Mentor at Maes & Lunau, Kees wish to contribute with skills of listening, coaching, and leadership management.

Why do you want to become a Mentor? To coach and mentor Young Professionals!

Kees van den Ende on LinkedIn

Remy Steijger

Remy is a born marketer and a ‘social media’ freak. Remy started his career at IKEA where he fulfilled many national and international positions within marketing and distribution. After founding his own company, he helps organizations, top athletes and artists with the execution of effective digital marketing activities.

Remy is an advisor, speaker, trendwatcher and a content strategist. Remy often recognizes that a lot of entrepreneur’s struggle with the media development and the change of customer behaviors. He takes it upon himself to show these entrepreneurs that it’s not that difficult and that great results can be achieved quite easily.

Remy Steijger on LinkedIn

Wilma Buis

Wilma Buis, Program Coach of the Mentorship Program and Managing Director at Mercuri Urval. Wilma Buis works since 1988 at Mercuri Urval and since 1998 she is Managing Director of the Dutch branch. During her career, she has built up extensive experience in consultancy in many sectors of the business world on the interface of human behavior and business results. She herself is active as a consultant for a number of clients in technology, professional services and retail and consumer products. Her main areas of advice are Executive Search, Executive Coaching, and Talent Management.

Mercuri Urval is a leading international Executive Search and recruitment company with proven expertise in selection. They are working with over 3,000 clients in more than 50 countries each year. Mercuri Urval is the first choice for every organization seeking improved results through increasing the performance of their people. “We do it by understanding what people can do, and connecting it to what organizations need to do. Our Executive Search, Recruitment and Talent Services prepare organizations and people for future success.”

Wilma Buis on LinkedIn