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Kees van Oosten, TeekensKarstens law firm

Kees van Oosten, has been active in the Dutch-Swedish market for over a decade, developing a vast network of clients, advisors and other relationships. Kees’ core business is legal advice as an attorney in structuring issues and M&A, much of which is happening cross-border. Other legal disciplines are offered by Kees’s colleagues at TK law firm in which Kees has been a partner for almost 25 years.

“Whatever the client is up to, it’s always people’s business,” Kees explains. Not the commercial merits, not the legal merits but the persons involved are the ones to determine the outcome of any matter or transaction. In all of that, culture is a very important factor and awareness of the participant’s personal and business culture is essential.

“It’s endlessly interesting to see how a cultural framework can make or break a deal,” Kees continues. “It’s the backgrounds of any matter at hand that make my work as a lawyer so interesting. Being aware helps to get down to business effectively and to get the deal done in the most efficient and most pleasant way.”