Oliver Karlsson, Chairman for YP of the Swedish Chamber, on the theme CONNECT – WHY BECOME A MEMBER CAMPAIGN

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We are happy to introduce Oliver Karlsson, Account Executive at Rubrik and Chairman for Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber. For Oliver the Young Professionals is the ultimate community to build your professional and social network and to meet new friends for business and pleasure.

“The reason as to why I joined the Swedish Chamber Young Professionals back in 2017 was for that exact goal – building a unique experience and platform to connect with like minded individuals here in Amsterdam. I am both proud and happy to be part of this network and I look forward to connecting with all of our members at one of our amazing events!”

– Oliver Karlsson

Don´t miss the opportunity to gain countless invaluable contacts by joining the Young Professionals and take part in our many events from monthly AW to YP Academy.

Follow the link for more info and to become a member!