SWEA  Holland Cultural Scholarship 2022

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SWEA Holland 2022 Cultural Scholarship, is now open for applications. The scholarship aims to promote the purpose of SWEA, “to support, maintain, promote and develop knowledge in Swedish history, language, culture, and tradition”.

If you meet the following criteria, you can apply for the scholarship:

  • You actively participate in or study a subject that is in line with the purpose of SWEA in a wider context, g. literature, music, theatre, dance, etc.
  • You live or study in or have a relation to the
  • You have a relevant connection to Sweden and speak
  • Members of SWEA Holland and their close family members are not entitled to apply for the scholarship

How to apply:

Write a letter in which you present yourself and tell how you want to use the scholarship, enclosing:

  • Application form*
  • Qualifications (CV)
  • References
  • Portfolio (Digital as MP4- of Pdf -file)

*to be found on SWEA Hollands website: https://holland.swea.org/

The application period is 1 September – 1 December 2022.

The Scholarship Committee of SWEA Holland collects and compiles the applications and suggests the recipient/recipients to the SWEA Holland Board which decides. The decision cannot be appealed.

The Award ceremony for this year’s scholarship will take place on 15 February 2023 at the Annual Meeting of SWEA Holland in The Hague.

  • On the occasion of receiving the scholarship, the recipient is expected to tell how the scholarship is intended to be used/ has been
  • The recipient is also expected to spread information about the scholarship and SWEA, in her/his own channels of social

The maximum sum of the scholarship is €3000, which should be seen as compensation for expenses.

Further information can be received at:


SWEA Holland homepage:


The scholarship committee


For further information about SWEA please visit:  https://swea.org/