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The Swedish brand is perceived to contribute positively to the business of Swedish companies.


The Netherlands is Sweden’s seventh-largest export market (94 billion SEK) and the third-largest market for imports (206 billion SEK). With its geographically advantageous location, together with its high level of digitalisation, technological advancements, innovative practices, and commitment to sustainability, the Netherlands makes an appealing destination for Swedish enterprises.

Over the years, Swedish companies in the Netherlands have continued to improve their financial performance. In 2021, 68 per cent of the participating companies reported a profit, a figure that climbed to 89 per cent by 2022. This substantial increase suggests a recovering economy that is rebounding from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Swedish companies in the Netherlands tend to have an optimistic view of turnover when observing the results from the past years. This year, 74 per cent of the respondents answered that they expect their turnover to increase in the upcoming 12 months. The consumer sector emerged as the most favourable, with 100 per cent of the companies expressing their anticipation of an increase in their turnovers.

For the third consecutive year, the survey results indicate that the primary operations of Swedish companies in the Dutch market revolve around Marketing and sales activities. For the second consecutive year, Sustainability continues to be one of the most important driving forces, accounting for 36 per cent.

The Swedish brand is perceived to contribute positively to the business of Swedish companies in the Dutch market. This year, 89 per cent responded that the brand contributes partially or very much.

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