Video of “The Green Transition” Event by Sweco & Husqvarna

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Thank you to all participants of the Green Transition presentations by Sweco and Husqvarna at Sweco’s Headquarters in de Bilt on February 2, 2023, where experts from Sweco and Husqvarna shared insights of their sustainable strategies, Greening the City and how the society can be transformed to become greener together.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce would like to extend a warm thank you to Eugene Grüter, CEO Sweco, and to Patron Member Sweco for hosting this well-organized event at their beautiful office, offering excellent networking opportunities after the presentations. We also would like to thank the speakers, Richard Koops, Bussines Director Circularity Sweco., Joeri Meliefste, Head Analyst GSC., Jonas Willaredt, Sustainability Manager Husqvarna and Lodewijk Hoekstra, Founder NL Greenlabel, TV-Gardener and Sustainability Inspirator, for their inspiring contributions.

Welcome to watch the Event Video below.