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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to give a warm welcome to Bureau de werkvloer.

Many companies don’t realize how much of an effect having more women present in every level of an organization has in terms of profit, team functionality within the company, or the ease of filling vacancies from a larger pool of potential employees.


Bureau de werkvloer is a young agency focused on training and communication within companies. It is the brainchild of its two permanent employees, Laura Faber and Sanne Terlouw. With their programs they make companies more future-proof, profitable and inclusive by reinforcing the position of women. Following the example of the Swedish diversity model and with their knowledge of Dutch culture, the agency tailors specific programs for each organization and company they work with. Their goal is to help women gain the right tools to reach their full potential.


To get enough women at the top, to ensure that women are represented at all levels of the organization, and to close the pay gap, Bureau de werkvloer helps companies to develop a program for a more diverse, functional and profitable business.


We are looking forward to bringing together Bureau de werkvloer with our business network and to a fruitful and exciting collaboration. For more information, click here.