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Infeldt Translation Services – for your translations into Swedish

Last October I finally did it! I started my own company providing translation services from English, German, French and Dutch into Swedish.

After more than 20 years working for various departments of the European Commission, including the translation service, I want to provide translation services once more, but now as a freelancer. Throughout my career, I have been torn between working as a linguist and working with policymaking as an official. In the end, this has the advantage that I’m not only a trained and experienced translator, I also have a good understanding of a wide range of topics (e.g. competition policy, climate action, financial markets and communication).

With an MSc in Business Administration and Economics – International Business Programme from Lund University and a background translating legal texts for the Commission, I prefer working with business related or legal texts, be it for the private or public sector. As I have lived and worked for many years in Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands, my source languages are English, German, French and Dutch. And yes, I do keep my Swedish up to date as well.

Please contact me at madeleine.infeldt@gmail.com for your next translation project into Swedish. Looking forward to working together!