Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad

Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad

Since 2019, The Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad has been offering a scholarship for young talents to gain international experience by joining the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands for 12 months. 

About the Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad

The Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad was created in 1937 in connection with the 50th anniversary of the Swedish Association of Foreign Trade (Sveriges Allmänna Utrikeshandelsförening).

The foundation grants scholarships for studies in Sweden or Swedish schools abroad, for Swedish language summer courses, for TISUS tests, as well as for internships at the Swedish Chambers of Commerce abroad and Swedish School Associations.

Read more about the Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad here.

You can also learn more about the current trainee Alexandra and her work here.

Required Qualifications

  • You should be creative and entrepreneurial.
  • You should have a good understanding for communication and social media strategy.
  • You should have completed studies at the bachelor’s or master’s level at a Swedish University.
  • You are a Swedish citizen under 30 years old.
  • You show strong oral and written communication skills, in Swedish and English.
  • Experience in programs such as WordPress and Canva is preferable.


Applications for the Scholarship 2024-2025 is now closed.

Scholarship recipient 2023-2024

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to welcome Alexandra Gummesson as a new Management Trainee at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands.

Alexandra Gummesson recently obtained her Master’s degree in Political Communication from the University of Amsterdam. The program focuses on topics like public opinion, political campaigning, news journalism, and the role of communication in shaping policy decisions. Prior to that, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communication from Lund University, which is an interdisciplinary field that covers areas such as visual design, public relations, financial communication, and brand communication. Alexandra has also completed an exchange semester at San Diego State University in California, where she studied international relations and gender studies. In addition, Alexandra has studied courses in political science, media history, and migration studies. The combination of international academic experiences have significantly shaped Alexandra’s understanding of communication, and allowed her to appreciate the cultural nuances and diverse perspectives that shape communication practices across different contexts.

Alexandra has practical experience from working with communication consulting both in business and civil society, primarily for the Swedish Association of Sexual Enlightenment (RFSU). She has also engaged in volunteer projects, such as campaigning to increase voter turnout for the European Union Election 2019 and marketing communication for youth organizations at the Red Cross.

Alexandra feels honored and very excited to take on the role as a Management Trainee with focus on communication and marketing. She aspires to learn more about the cultural dynamics between Sweden and the Netherlands in business contexts, and to promote the Chamber’s initiatives through innovative communication strategies.

Scholarship recipient 2022-2023

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to welcome Rebecca van Dorrestein as a new Management Trainee at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands.

Rebecca recently received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics from Uppsala University, where she majored in International Business and Marketing. During her time in Uppsala, Rebecca also studied Project Management, Commercial Law and Human Resource Management. She was also involved in many extracurricular activities, such as the organization of the major Business Fair Kontaktdagarna. Rebecca studied design at UCLA and Berkley College in 2019 and is currently studying interior design. 

Rebecca’s Swedish and Dutch background, together with an international upbringing and time in the US, has given her an invaluable understanding of different cultures and settings, which she intends to apply in her work at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Rebecca’s personal goals for the upcoming year are to deepen her knowledge of trade relationships, marketing and communications. Rebecca looks forward to supporting the Swedish-Dutch trade network and working together with the amazing team at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. 

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to the collaboration with Rebecca and wishes her a lot of success!

Rebecca van Dorrestein, Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad 2022/2023.

Scholarship recipient 2021-2022

Being a scholar as well as a Management Trainee, I work with several areas here at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands. For example, managing events, prospecting new company members and partners, but also developing our Young Professionals network.

As a Management Trainee, you will have the great opportunity to develop your management skills in an international environment and during your traineeship, you will meet a lot of inspiring people such as CEOs, diplomats, and Entrepreneurs. 

My expectations before I came to Amsterdam were to stimulate the Trade and Business relations between the Netherlands and Sweden. So far, I think I have exceeded my expectations and have added value to our members of the Swedish Chamber, but meanwhile, I also have developed my professional skills as well. I would definitely recommend this Scholarship for anyone interested!

Stefan de Goede, Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad 2021/2022.

Scholarship recipient 2020-2021

Being a scholar at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce gives you the unique opportunity to develop international business skills, to work with the most interesting Swedish companies and business people from a wide range of industries. You will get to know the Dutch business culture and grow your international network while gaining hands-on experience in an international environment.

Benjamin Selvani, The scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad 2020-2021

Scholarship recipient 2019-2020

My year at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce provided me with invaluable insights on networking, planning and execution, leadership, and all the insights gained from interesting persons who I got the opportunity to meet during my year. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in a truly eventful year as well as discover the beauty of Amsterdam. Apply to the International Trade Scholarship from the Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad.

Agnes Nilsson, the Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad 2019/2020