THE SUPPORT OF THE PATRONS OF the Swedish Chamber are significant for the Chamber activities. Founded in 2004 Patron Members consists of companies from all sectors who are all committed to the long-term support of the Swedish-Dutch business community and the vision of the Chamber. Today the patronship consists of 33 member businesses representing a wide range of industries from the financial sector, mobility, to retail and tech. In 2021 Husqvarna and Saab joined the Patronship of the Swedish Chamber and we are very proud to welcome them.

Patrons of the Chamber receive additional visibility through its various marketing channels, such as the website, Annual Review, the Swedish Chamber Patron Banner and social media platforms. Furthermore, Patrons receive invites to exclusive events. These include, amongst others, a Patron Dinner which is held at the Swedish Ambassador’s residence and aims to bring together powerful individuals from industry and politics and the Patron companies within our network.

The ability to sponsor and organize  events together with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce where core values as for example Sustainability, Diversity, Innovation, Circular Economy and other important topics are discussed with fellow member companies and influential Dutch actors, is an important opportunity and a huge benefit both for the Patron Members and for the Chamber. The Swedish Chamber is very grateful for the confidence and additional support from the Patron companies which enables further development and promotion of Swedish – Dutch trade and business.

Joining the exclusive Patron group is possible after consultation with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and by approval from the Patron Committee and the Executive Committee.

The Swedish Chamber Patron Banner 2022

Would you like to order your own Patron Banner for your office? Welcome to contact the Swedish Chamber at for more information.