October 21, 2020 Exclusive YP Business Insight with Budbee

Wednesday 21 October 2020
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Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber invites exclusively the Young Professionals members to our first YP Business Insight with Jørgen Höppener, General Manager at Budbee, a fast growing, innovative Swedish log-tech company.

October 21, 2020

18.00 – 19.00

This is a Zoom webinar


This Exclusive Business Insight will start with an interview about Budbee’s journey from the Nordics to the Netherlands, and how Jørgen built his team in the Netherlands and the strategies they used to successfully enter this new market. After the interview we open up for questions and discussions from all the participants.


So if you’re interested in knowing more about international expansion, how to build a successful team and learn from Budbee’s strategy then signup now!


About Budbee

Budbee, a Swedish log-tech company, arrived 2019 to the Netherlands as their first market outside of the Nordics. Since their launch in 2015 in Sweden Budbee has delivered an ambitious growth and attracted strong investments backing. Budbee’s arrival in the Netherlands shows its strong positioning as expansion market for Swedish companies, and especially in the field of e-commerce and logistics. By setting up their office, team and launching with NL customers, Budbee has shown they are capable of making a strong and successful market entry.

Budbee has an innovative approach to last mile logistics, by making sure that the consumer has flexibility and control over their delivery and assuring that this can be done in the most sustainable way to minimize distances travelled and focus on CO2 reduction. This innovative Log-Tech company, the next generation companies to follow the big Fintech movement, received the Swedish Chamber Entrepreneurs Award 2019.


We are looking forward to hear more from Jørgen and how he took Budbee to a whole new market.




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Free of charge for SweCham and Finnish Chamber YPs and one guest of yours.

5 EUR for non-members who's not a +1 for a YP member.

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