Meet Clothes Swap Day Stylist Silvia Cosma

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*The Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber, welcomes you to engage in this collaboration Afterwork event with Edge Olympic, on the topic of Sustainable Fashion and Conscious Consumption on March 23, 2023, from 17:00-20:00!

At this event, you are welcome to give some of your favorite fashion pieces a second life whilst finding new additions to your wardrobe. The event will be featuring a discussion on Sustainable Fashion with Andrea Orsag, you can get tips from stylist Silvia Cosma and there will of course be drinks and mingling! Keep updated on Social Media where more information will be launched very shortly.

Silvia Cosma is a Certified Style Coach™. Passionately empowering people to leverage their unique style & personal image for genuine growth and confidence. Silvia Cosma is a Style and Branding Coach giving people the tools to create their unique personal image with confidence. Delivering services both online and throughout the Netherlands, Silvia has built her styling career around facilitating more meaningful and mindful consumption of fashion items. With a personal connection towards sustainability due to her family background, she is passionate about working with individuals who want to make the most out of their existing wardrobes, as well as integrate more conscious, pre-owned, and recycled pieces in looks that showcase their unique selves.

* Please note that this event welcomes both Swedish Chamber and YP Members.

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