April 16, 2020 High Performance by Sound and Togetherness. 

Thursday 16 April 2020
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Thank you to all participants who joined us on this High Performance by Sound and Togetherness Webinar by Frans Davidsson, Chief of Sound, SoundTribe on April 16! On this highly inspiring Webinar Frans learned us how to transfer sound from something negative into something positive

If any participant would like to have access to this Webinar’s presentation please send an email to: events@swedishchamber.nl

In an ever so digital world the analogue tools, voices and ears, are being never so important as now. How we design workplace (space) linking workplace communities (people, activities, behaviour) are vital for creating sustainable operations. Emphasis on the social togetherness in a spatial distance reality, the voices of others will be the glue that will make organisations to keep thriving. 

SoundTribes, Chief of Sound, Frans Davidsson, will with his interdisciplinary knowledge, guide us through Sound Evolution and Environmental Psychology in the Workplace. Simply, Why we react as we do and what implications it has on people and business. Noise annoyance is top of complaints in workplaces, for decades the biggest stressor in offices, still we go on  business as usual.

The drop in performance leads to enormous cost for organisations and society every day. High demands on cognitive performance require a more in-depth approach on the biggest asset- the workforce. There are good ways to approach and implement the Physical environment to support humans both Psychologically and Physiologically.


This session is for Organisational leaders (Policies and Performance), Facility Managers and Designers (Spatial Design) and HR Managers (People and Health).


Webinar - The Netherlands