June 8, 2021 Tech Finance and Venture Capital

Tuesday 8 June 2021
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Date: June 8, 2021

Time: 10.00 – 11.30


Tech Finance and Venture Capital

Funding is essential for the growth of startups and scaleups. It is what makes them able to compete on a global stage. What are the bottlenecks and challenges when finding (the right) investors and trying to accelerate growth as a start-up or scale-up?

Making the right investments and introducing the right technology is of the essence for any companies trying to stay innovative. With the ever-increasing ways of investing in technology and innovations, there is a larger need for companies to strategize their use of capital. How can this be done to boost growth and competitiveness?

A new report by Danske Bank shows that venture funds are considerably more impact-focused in the Nordics than in other regions. Simultaneously, in an article by Bloomberg is to read that Stockholm has bred more tech unicorns per capita than any other region in the world outside Silicon Valley. What’s the secret?

In this webinar we bring together experts and stakeholders to explore the dynamic evolvements in Venture Capital, Technology and the various ways companies can become investment ready or boost their innovation through tech investments. An important aspect for discussion purposes is to boost equality in VC and the diversity of funding by achieving better access to Venture Capital for female founders.


Recording of the webinar




Isabella De Feudis,
CEO at SVCA Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association


Jens Ingelstedt

WeWork Labs | +impact accelerator | Investor & advisor


Maria Grabowska
Manager at +impact accelerator I Growth & Impact, Danske Bank


Elin Fälted
Expert Capital, Techleap.nl



“New technologies and developments are leading to innovative, interesting and complex (legal) issues. So especially in this sector it is crucial to share best practices, insights, experiences and know how. I believe making connections is key in the Tech sector. This is exactly where the Tech Tables are meant for”.

-Rens Goudsmit, Moderator, Head of TK Tech & Attorney at law, TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissenRens Goudsmit, Head of TK Tech & Attorney at law.


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Tech Talent webinar is supported by TK





State of Nordic Impact Startups

The most detailed analysis of the Nordic impact startup scene published to date, based on data from 1.230 start-ups and 1.365 funding rounds, and a deep dive on the Green Growth startups of the future. By Danske Bank

The Nordics have a strong reputation for creating innovative startups working to create a sustainable impact in the world. But what’s the real state of play? Do Nordic countries really over-index for impact innovation? What is an impact startup anyway? And can they offer investment returns as well as real world change? Every year Danske Bank supports the creation of a report examining in detail development of the Nordic impact startup scene, to assess and nuance the common perception of the ecosystem. Predictably, not all myths hold true.With this report we wish to bring data and facts about the Nordic Impact startups to the table, with an added focus on ‘Green Growth’ startups. By doing so we hope to shed light on the challenges and opportunities in the Nordic and broader Impact ecosystems.In the following, you will see the most detailed analysis of the Nordic impact ecosystem to date, based on data from 1,230 startups, 1,365 funding rounds, supplemented by qualitative insights from experts and industry players.
Download the Report here: https://hello.plus-impact.io/impactreport2021/

In our Webinar on June 8 you will meet Maria Grabowska who will be presenting the report.