March 25, 2021 The impact of the new Pension system in NL: Act now or wait until 2025?

Thursday 25 March 2021
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When: March 25, 2021

Time: 10.00 – 11.00

The impact of the new Pension system in NL: Act now or wait until 2025?


The recently agreed new pension system in the Netherlands will have a big impact on all employers and employees. The new system will not only affect pension schemes, but also other employee conditions and employability in general.


Although the final implementation date of 1-1-2026 seems far away, it is important to become aware of the steps and hurdles you have to overcome in the coming years. This applies even to employers whose contracts run until 2025, for example.


In this webinar we inform you about the do’s and don’ts and the practical consequences of the new pension system, including some guidelines on the important deadlines within the route towards 2026. Montae & Partners is one of the most renowned pension & employee benefit firms in the Netherlands and is part of the Swedish pension & employee benefits firm Söderberg & Partners.


This webinar is particularily interesting for Finance and HR professionals of companies that employ people in the Netherlands.


This is a By Members for Member event offered by Member company Montae &  Partners.





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