May 24, 2022 – Chamber Luncheon at Hilton Amsterdam

Tuesday 24 May 2022
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MAY 24, 2022
Amstel Room, Hilton Amsterdam


On May 24, 2022, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce hosted the Chamber Luncheon on May 24, 2022. We felt very privileged that nearly all Board members and new Board member candidates were able to join the Chamber Luncheon at Hilton Hotel and for contributing with great networking opportunities.

At this Chamber Luncheon, we listened to Mr. Adjiedj Bakas, Trendwatcher, Visionary, Speaker and Author, addressing serious topics such as the current geopolitical landscape and the impact of the war in Ukraine, climate change and green recovery as well as the digital revolution and the global economy post pandemic.


During this session Mr. Bakas was talking about how we are no longer living in times of change but in a change of times. From history, we know that all great changes are preceded by chaos or disorder. The corona pandemic shook up the old world order and now we have entered the Age of Chaos and this will redefine our future. Enhanced digitalization, robotization, nano-technology, and new energy technology will lead to a new industrial revolution in areas such as healthcare, food, transportation, global supply chains, traveling, infrastructure and manufacturing according to Mr. Bakas. Further, he shared his thought about how we will adapt to viruses and pandemics, which will continue haunting us.


All participants received a signed copy of Mr. Baka’s book “The Age of Chaos”.


We want to extend a warm thank you to Mr. Adjiedj Bakas for his inspirational speech and to everyone that participated in this Chamber Luncheon.





Adjiedj Bakas (1963) is a highly acclaimed trendwatcher, author and speaker with roots in India, Latin-America and Europe. He researches financial, social, cultural, economic, technological and spiritual trends and interprets these for an array of clients. Bakas is a much sought-after speaker for conferences, strategy sessions and other business gatherings. He lives in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in the Netherlands and is a frequently booked speaker at conferences worldwide. His books sold 1 million copies.





The Swedish Chamber Luncheons have a long history dating back over more than six decades. Traditionally, the Swedish Chamber Luncheons gather business people from across the Swedish-Dutch community together, offering excellent networking opportunities and meeting up with business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, and academics from both Sweden and the Netherlands sharing their experiences and insights.


This Chamber Luncheon is open exclusively for Members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.


Apollolaan 138, 1077 BG Amsterdam


Amstel room
Apollolaan 138, 1077 BG Amsterdam

Participation Fee

Participation fee Members: € 114,00 excl VAT including a signed copy of 'The Age of Chaos'
Participation fee YP Members: € 99 excl VAT including a signed copy of 'The Age of Chaos'

The ordinary price of 'The Age of Chaos' Empire Illustrated Paperback € 22.95

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