April 2, 2020 Webinar and Q&A on staff wellbeing and resilience during times of disruption

Thursday 2 April 2020
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Welcome to this webinar and Q&A on staff wellbeing and resilience during times of disruption, featuring Dr Aarti Anhal, Founder of coaching and consultancy firm before nine.


This seminar is offered to you by a collaboration between the Swedish Chamber of Commerce UK.


We are living through a time of intense pressure and challenge for our people and our businesses. Yet, change also brings opportunity. How can we best support the wellbeing of our now remote workforce? And how can we equip staff with the skills and tools to stand strong, adapt and transform whilst meeting today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges? Aarti will be sharing advice and top tips on how to look after your people and set them up for success so that they can manage the threats and exploit the opportunities your business faces over the months ahead.

Dr Aarti Anhal has 20 years of experience in organisational resilience, with a specialist focus on human performance. Her firm helps people and organisations thrive during good times and challenging periods of change, crisis and failure.


12.00 Welcome
12:05 Presentation
12.35 Q&A
13.00 End of webinar

About the webinar

Organised together with member businesses sharing their expertise with the SCC community, this brand new series of webinars highlight different aspects of operating and leading a business. The themes span from tax, accounting and law, to marketing, HR and cyber security, covering all aspects of running a business.

Booking information

The webinar is free of charge and open for all SCC and YP members in UK and the Netherlands.

Registration from the Netherlands:

  • Either you can register on the website of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce UK, and tick SCC member
  • Or you can email events@scc.org.uk and refer to your Dutch membership

Upon registration, you will be sent information on how to connect to the webinar.


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