Meet Anne Smits, speaker for Tech Talent & Diversity in Tech May 23

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We are proud to present Anne Smits, Reward Specialist at Montae & Partners, as a speaker for the insightful event “Tech Talent & Diversity in Tech”, presented by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and KPMG Meijburg & Co on May 23, 2024! This event moves beyond WHY diversity strategy is needed and instead focuses on HOW.

Anne is the Reward Specialist at Montae & Partners. She is driven to support her client in all Reward-related questions. She is an enthusiastic, young professional. Her work focuses on calculating the value of the employment conditions package, analyzing various schemes and providing insight into employee and company data. Anne loves to get things done so that the right information and solutions reach the client. Anne is also a member of the works council at Montae & Partners. Together with her colleague Victor Steenbakker, Anne will give a presentation on the gender pay gap.

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