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About SoundTribe
– Sound guides us, sound connects us and sound protects us

Sound affects us constantly. Where we work, live, learn or heal. It affects our health, wellbeing, mood and our emotions. We at SoundTribe are passionate about designing user-based sound environments that works for you. We will help you connect the dots from Concept to Design to Solutions.

Positive sounds like wonderful music, laughter and the voices of other people make us feel good and help us to connect with others. Sounds of nature make us feel comfortable and relaxed. Human evolution took place outdoor in nature, our hearing and voice developed there to what they are today. Outdoor sound conditions differ a lot from the indoor conditions we spend 90% of our time in nowadays. That is why we should mimic the outdoor conditions as much as possible indoors. A good sound environment helps us to collaborate better, to focus on the right things and to perform at our best. Good sound environments affect health, performance and wellbeing positively. Poor sound design does the opposite.

For more information: https://www.soundtribe.nl/