Applications open for Gull & Stellan Ljungbergs Foundation 2022-2023

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“I love that you, at an early stage, were given a lot of freedom and responsibility to take on your own projects with the support and help from the rest of the team. This has given me the opportunity to put my theoretical knowledge to the test and apply it in real situations, which have both contributed positively to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce as well as to my personal development.”

Johanna LindénGull & Stellan Ljungbergs Stiftelse 2021-2022, is spending one year at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Johanna is very grateful that Gull & Stellan Ljungbergs Foundation has given her this opportunity and would encourage anyone interested to apply for this Scholarship!

Applications for the Scholarship 2022-2023 are now open. For more information about the Scholarship and application, click here.