Apply to Become a Mentee in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s Mentorship Program 2022/2023

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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Mentorship Program offers a unique opportunity for young professionals to benefit from an exclusive seven-month program of group workshops and individual mentoring by experienced and successful senior industry professionals from across the Swedish Chamber’s business community.

The program includes a series of five joint group workshops and seminars, facilitated by the course director, and involving both mentors and mentees. In addition, mentors and mentees meet for one-to-one mentoring sessions over the course of the year, whether it’s face to face, over Zoom, or by phone.

The Program will help you to:
– Accelerate your personal and professional development
– Gain unique insight into the Dutch business community and business culture
– Advance towards your existing career goals and aspirations
– Identify new areas of professional interest and/or career paths
– Develop new business skills, knowledge, and tools
– Develop your personal brand
– Grow your professional network

The benefits for both mentors and mentees are unparalleled. For Mentors, it is a great chance to help the next generation flourish. Participating in this program is a great learning and networking opportunity for both mentees and mentors and offers great opportunities to meet and network with peers and business leaders and form lasting contacts.

For more information and to apply, follow the link: