BCS 2022- 66% perceived the Swedish Brand to contribute positively to their business

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In the Business Climate Survey 2022 we asked the companies to what extent the Swedish brand impacts their business. In fact, the Dutch have a very positive view of Sweden and strongly associate the country with high quality in terms of services, management, goods, technical know-how, innovation, and sustainability.

66% of the participating companies consider that the Swedish brand has a positive impact on their business. 20% answered that the Swedish brand partially contributes positively to their business. This means that in total 86% of the respondents think that the Swedish brand contributes partially or much/very much positively to their business success.

Furthermore, 100% of the newcoming companies answered that the Swedish brand contributes much or very much to their business in the Netherlands, which makes them the most positive category looking at the age of the answering companies.

Welcome to read the Business Climate Survey 2022 in the Netherlands where more valuable insights are shared: https://bit.ly/3yCeTQR
Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to the launch of the Global Business Climate Survey presented jointly by Business Sweden and Swedish Chambers International (SCI) and hosted at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

Date: Wednesday 31st of August
Time: 13.00-14.30
Place: Regeringsgatan 29, Stockholm and online (if you chose to participate online, you will receive a link closer to the event day)