Beyondo: Recruitment in times of inflation

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The Swedish Chamber’s valued member Beyondo shares their insight on recruitment and inflation with the Swedish Chamber member community. Learn more about Beyondo on their website.

Recruitment in times of inflation

According to SCB, the Bureau of Statistics in Sweden, The inflation rate according to CPI (Consumer Price Index) was 9.3 percent in June 2023.

Recruiting during times of inflation can seem counterintuitive because inflation typically increases the cost of goods and services, including wages. However, there are several reasons why businesses may still choose to recruit during inflationary periods:

Think about your Business Growth. Regardless of the economic climate, if you as a company are growing, it will need to hire more employees to handle increased demand for its products or services. Also, the Skill Gaps are to be taken into consideration. Inflation doesn’t change the fact that companies may have skill gaps they need to fill in order to remain competitive. This can mean hiring new employees with the necessary skills.

What about Turnover and Retention? Inflation can increase the cost of living, leading some employees to leave for higher-paying jobs elsewhere. This can necessitate recruitment to replace departing employees. Hence, you need to recruit!

One should not forget to look into the future. Investing in the Future is important, even in times of inflation, companies need to think about their future. This may mean hiring for positions that will drive future growth and profitability.

If your company is financially stable, you have a Competitive Advantage, where you can take advantage of an inflationary period to attract top talent, especially if other businesses are hesitant to hire.

Also, with the ongoing advancements in technology, new positions are being created that didn’t exist before. Even in times of inflation, businesses may need to recruit for these roles to keep up with industry trends.

While inflation can complicate recruitment efforts due to increased costs, strategic hiring decisions can help ensure a company’s growth and success during challenging economic times.


About Beyondo

Beyondo, one of our valued members, based in Stockholm Sweden, is a top-notch recruitment company with a special focus on connecting businesses and international talents in both Sweden and the Netherlands. Beyondo stands out by helping clients break into these markets and providing expert guidance to individuals looking to experience life abroad. Their wealth of knowledge and top-notch services make the journey smoother for everyone involved, bridging the gap for companies and individuals seeking success in these vibrant markets. Join us in recognizing Beyondo as an essential partner in the world of international business and talent acquisition when doing cross-border business. Feel free to reach out to for more information and contact with Beyondo.


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