Board Members Swedish Chamber International (SCI) met in Paris March 26-29, 2023 

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On March 26-29 Chambre de Commerce Suédoise en France – CCSF hosted the board of directors of Swedish Chambers International for their strategic board meeting and organized a fantastic and inspiring delegation program on the occasion of their visit to Paris. The SCI board met for their strategic board meeting at the CCSF office at the heart of Paris, to discuss the development and future strategies of the global network of Swedish Chambers of Commerce.

During the delegation program it became evident that France is in the forefront of international collaboration and that it is a country that takes huge leaps forward in creating a more sustainable future. We visited “la Fabrique du métro” and the Saint-Denis Pleyel station, where the largest infrastructure project in Europe” Grand Paris” is taking place. The project is impressive in its scope, building 68 new metro stations around Paris and a 200km railway to connect the city with sustainable transport. During the trip we also had the privilege to visit the world’s largest campus for startups at STATION F, where we listened to pitches by Eliq and NASH Renewables as a part of total energies accelerator program. We also visited H&M and learned more about how they work with sustainability in the fashion industry, took part of interesting discussions at Cercle Suédois / Svenska Klubben i Paris and Suède en France about Swedish French business culture and collaboration.

We would like to thank Chambre de Commerce Suédoise en France – CCSF for organizing such an interesting program and thank you to Victor Öman Business Development Manager – International Trade Stockholm Chamber of Commerce for preparing the Board Meeting.

Photo credit: Chambre de Commerce Suédoise en France